Monday, October 16, 2017

Things I've Been Enjoying Lately

It seems spending less time on the internet works wonders. At the same time, the internet is a magical place and while it's the last few hours of the day I permit myself to be here, I thought I'd throw together a post about some of the happy things going on in my life.

listening to...

~La La Land

I didn't know exactly what to make of the movie, but Another Day of Sun and The Fools Who Dream are extraordinarily uplifting in distinct ways.


Rebel from 2008 is one of my favorite albums right now.



And a lot of other things. 11th grade is actually kind of great.


~The Secret Thoughts of An Unlikely Convert by Rosaria Buttterfield

I wrote this on Goodreads....

This is incredible. Rosaria Butterfield tells her conversion story from practicing lesbian and feminist to Christian homeschool mom in a warm but convicting manner that always pointed me back to the One who grants salvation. 

Reading this was definitely a highlight of my fall. So good.

~Institutes of the Christian Religion by John Calvin

Whew. This is intense, but it's helped me understand my faith thoroughly and joyfully.

~Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare

It's always a good arrangement when school assignments are fun. Life hack, though: watch a good movie version of the Shakespeare play before reading said Shakespeare play.  For Much Ado About Nothing, I'd recommed the Kenneth Branagh/Emma Thompson adaption(well, minus a couple scenes).


~The Flash and Downton Abbey(for a second time, yes) with my sister

~old-ish classics like Jaws and The Truman Show and The Matrix, which is old right?


~eating chocolate chip cookies

Semisweet chocolate chips taste so grown up.

~waiting *cough* patiently for snow

~trying out Twitter

You can find me at, .

What have you been up to this fall? Are there any songs or albums you're particularly fond of at the moment? 

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Another Internet Break(And Why I Bother To Tell You)

I'm going to take a break from the internet again. It's been way too distracting to my school and hobbies.

I'll be off October and November, excepting one day a week when I'll  try to be as productive as possible. xD (There should be an acronym for that. How about APAP?) And of course I'll still check emails and get on for a few other exceptions.

Hopefully I can still stay on top of blogging with only weekly internet visits. I guess I'll find out!

what I'll be doing with my new time

Why do I bother to post every time I take an internet break? It's partly to notify you but it's really because I need the accountability. If I publicly say I'm going to get off the internet and then don't that's much worse than breaking a resolve I only made for myself. It's become a joke to announce internet fasts as if just for the attention and respect taking such a fast commands. Well, in may case it's the opposite. My incredible tendency to be distracted by the internet does not request your respect! So thanks for reading this and being an unwitting participant in the accountability I need.

Have a lovely fall, everyone!

Have you taken internet breaks? Do you have plans for this fall?  

Monday, September 18, 2017

The Fall Post(an uncharacteristically sarcastic endeavor)

It's fall, friends.

Go jump in the leaves and order pumpkin spice lattes and plan your Halloween costumes(if you're into that sort of thing) and brew tea and read lots of books and buy sweaters and post sweater selfies(#sweaterweather) and talk long walks and watch period dramas and look at the trees and pretend you're a super nature-y person.

Oh, and keep on top of school work/work and keeping your room clean and reading your Bible and personal hygiene and changing the water in the fish's bowl.

Plus get excited for Thor: Ragnarok and The Last Jedi coming in November which is officially closer than it was in the summer.


I think that's just about covered it.

(but seriously, I love fall too)

Monday, August 28, 2017


Discontentment is an ugly sin. So is what it breeds. Jealousy, Anger, Hate.

Have you ever gone from admiring a person to envying a person to feeling angry with the person to practically hating the person? Or maybe not really hating said person but always being distracted by the inequality between the person's and your circumstances? Because I have, more or less. (Don't worry, I'm not talking about anyone who reads this blog :P)

It's so disgusting. What's also terrible is when I can find something superior in my circumstances to most of the people in my life(even something very simple!) I take gleeful pride in it-- not for its own good, but because it elevates me above other people in some way only my mind understands.

Social media is the worst for this. We all know social media is the "good parts only"-filtered story of people's lives.

When I see myself in the broad scheme of things and the many amazing circumstances I'm blessed with and compare them to those of 90% of the people who've lived on earth before it's amazing how grateful I know I should be and how difficult it still is to muster gratitude.

The first step towards addressing discontentment should be recognizing it and acknowledging it's wrong. So that's what I'm trying to accomplish with this post.

It's comforting to remember my time on earth is only a moment before the eternity after death. And while it's only a moment, I don't want to waste it gnawing on discontentment.

" content with what you have, for he has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you." -Hebrews 13:5b

Do you struggle with contentment? Do you agree it(and its offspring) are some of the ugliest sins?