Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Belle is quite popular in my Disney quiz results. According to one, I should name my baby after her. Not a bad idea, really. ;)

She's also my favorite Disney cartoon character-- I almost see her as a Lizzy Bennet-type. Also, not to go off on a tangent, but isn't it funny how both Mr. Darcy and the Beast struggle with pride and dislike their future wives at the beginning of the story? Maybe it's just because I'm watching the BBC Pride and Prejudice now(you can expect a review sometime in the relatively near future).

So, it stands to reason that I'd love a whole song devoted to this character, and I do. Just ask my siblings. They have to put up with my singing it 24/7. 

My Annotations- 

00:23 The intro music-only section ends. I love how this song gives me time to enjoy the music before starting the words, rather like Let it Go!

00:43 Ah! The music kind of takes off, isn't it awesome? 

01:29 Bookkeeper- "But you've read it twice!" xD

02:44 I've heard a theory that Belle is referring to Aladdin here. What do you think?

03:24 *cue one of Disney's best villains*

I may not include all of the Broadway additions to the soundtrack, but I'll write a post on Me, tomorrow. :D


  1. I quite like Belle;D This song isn't my absolute favorite off the album, but it's very sweet and has some of the BEST, most quotable quotes;D

    (Oh, and I love your new look! The header is so awesomely unique!)

  2. Thanks! I don't usually put pictures from movies on my blog, so I went with something I'd taken myself. :) Yes, it's not my favorite either, but I agree on its quotability(if that makes sense), "Just watch I'm going to make Belle my wife!"-Gaston :D


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