Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Why You Should Watch "The Apple Dumpling Gang"

A fellow blogger, Olivia, who you can find at Meanwhile, in Rivendell..., is co-hosting the Legends of Western Cinema Week with Emma at "A Lantern in Her Hand".

I've *cough* only seen one or two Westerns, *cough*, however before you unfollow this blog and block all communications with me, I'd like to write my thoughts on one particular Western, The Apple Dumpling Gang.

First, it's hilarious. It's the only movie that even comes into competition with The Princess Bride for funniness.

Second, this is the basic plot line:

The story introduces Mr. Donovan(whose name I very well may be spelling incorrectly). He enjoys gambling, is a frequent saloon-visitor, and not the sort of person you'd trust three kids to. I mean he's nice and everything, but you know what I mean.

A friend asks him to hold onto some "valuables" for a bit. Those valuables turn out to be the aforementioned three kids.

Mr. Donovan can't worm his way out of their care, so he proposes(in the most un-romantic fashion possible) to Dusty, a red-haired tomboy, and hopes that'll keep him from having to take care of them.

Meanwhile, a duo of bumbling criminals looks for trouble wherever they can find it. Their names are Amos and Theodore(played by Don Knotts). They were originally from another group of bad guys(for lack of a better term), but got kicked out for(if I remember correctly) accidentally shooting the leader's foot?

By a stroke of good fortune, the kids find a lump of gold in an old mine and it is brought to the town bank for safekeeping. That attracted Amos and Theodore like moths to a light bulb.

Anyways, I could go on, but all you really need to know is that it's hilarious, clean, and did I mention how funny it is?

Favorite Scene: The Ladder Scene
Favorite Character: Amos

Oh, and the music is great, too. And there's a sequel. You have to watch the sequel.


  1. YES. Oh mah word, yessir.

    What a fantastic review!!! You're right. It is absolutely one of the most hilarious movies EVER.

    Everything about it is so old-timey and family-friendly and precious and humorous and just plain awesome:D

    The ladder scene! *erupts into laughter* I think my favorite may be the roof scene when Donovan is walking by and Theodore is trying to keep him from seeing Amos XD Amos is probably my favorite, too;D

    And YES, the SEQUEL! The sequel was awesome;) "Theodore! We best go get that bowl or that cook's gonna be mad!"

    Awesome job!

    1. Thanks!
      I know!! That scene is so funny, too, I think I'll have to find one of those two movies on Youtube(apparently they're available there), and give it another watch. Can you believe it's almost been a year since I've seen it? ;)

  2. I love this movie! The sequel disappointed me, but the original is so delicious. I introduced my kids to it recently, and now it's one of their favorites too!

    1. Hooray! Another Apple Dumpling Gang fan! Yes, it's one of the only movie I and all four siblings enjoy. :)


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