Saturday, August 15, 2015

5 Things I Like About How God Made Me Tag

Bekah at Bekah the Bookworm has tagged me for the brand new 5 Things I Like About How God Made Me Tag. Right, then!


1. List 5 things you like about how God made you (God made everything about you; the family you were born/adopted into, the fact that you enjoy the stuff you enjoy, your looks, your personality; everything. So, it can't be too hard to think of 5 things you love about how God made you. Right?)
2. Tagging other people/excepting a tag is optional
3. If you are tagged (and if you except), link back to the person who tagged you
4. Have fun!

Well, that sure doesn't seem too difficult!

1. My Nerdiness

You've probably already painfully aware of this, I shouldn't wonder(*cue Puddleglum*), but it is something I'm genuinely grateful for. I'm glad God has allowed me to see it's okay if I'm totally weirder than other people. If I were always trying to conform to everybody else's standard of average, I'd get discouraged and begin wasting time trying to be "normal" rather than using my interests to glorify God. 

2. My Family

I guess this technically isn't an element of the way God created me, but it's a circumstance God created me into, so I'm going to count it. :D 

Anyways, I'm thankful for my parents because they have lead me in a Christlike manner and always seek to give me a Godly, happy home. I'm thankful for my siblings because they give me writing material(*winks*), put up with my constant notebook-scribbling, and eat the things I mix up in the kitchen no matter how chunky the frosting or strong the health drink:)

3. My Hair

My hair isn't exactly what I'd pick if I'd been given a Pinterest selection of gorgeous hair types. In fact, it might be one of my last picks, considering how much work it can be. 

What I need to remember is that when I give 30+ min. to toying with my hair, it turns out quite satisfactorily and I like it. Well, hey, at least I have hair, right?

4. My Interest in Blogging 

I didn't begin wading very deeply into the blogging community until a few months ago, but now that I have, I like it! I've always wanted friends who would discuss Lord of the Rings with me all the time and have "book talks" and compare writing. It's seriously fun:)

5. My Interest in Music

Enough said. 

Thanks for reading! 


  1. Awesomeness!:D (Haha, I loved that: *cue Puddleglum*)


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