Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Here's the Gist of It

Hello! You may have read the post I published a bit ago on writing. I included a snippet of what I've been scribbling lately at the end, but neglected details or even the name of what I'm writing. So here you have it:

Name: Stowaway of the Silver Seas

Genre: Fantasy

Setting: Unnamed(for now) Fantasy World

Word Count(so far): 20,919 I'm  hoping to eventually have 50,000 words at least.

Perspective: 3rd Person


Okay, so there are two main plot lines I'm following.

1). Myriam's story 

Myriam is a roughly fourteen year-old girl who decides to illegally join a voyage she wasn't invited to join. In other words, she becomes a stowaway for this quest decreed by the king who she's always second-guessing anyways. The mission of the voyage was to find a man who had gone missing ten years ago.

Myriam's plan was to end up on the same ship as her parents who were invited(a. k. a. commanded) to come. But, as always happens in stories, things don't go as planned and she ends up on a voyage captained by her friend's father, Steven. She doesn't recognize him(she'd actually never met him before), but he recognizes her.

Anyways, it's a long story and not very well thought out at this point, so I'll move on to Argown and try to explain this better in another post(*fishes out notebook to re-sketch the basic plot-line*).

2). Argown's story. 

Argown, who at this point is my favorite character, was overly sheltered by his parents and released into the world, clueless of how the government works, how to buy a loaf of bread, or how to deal with the crimes and evil he encounters. 

He struggles with coming to grips with crimes and sin. Gunt, an as-of-yet poorly developed character who has the weirdest name, rather takes Argown under his wing and hires him as a spy.

Eventually Myriam and Argown's paths cross, but I'm not quite there yet. There are also a couple other side stories skittering through the draft and thoroughly distracting me;)

My goal is to write about 5 pages on this story and 1,000 words on a Sleeping Beauty twist(my other project I haven't quite started yet every week.

Here's another snippet(this one is Myriam's story):

A wall of water cascaded through the opening. Myriam’s cry was was muffled under a pocket of seawater. A crack split the room neatly down the middle. Myriam bobbled in the salty fluid. Thrashing, her feet struggled for purchase. Keira sputtered across from her. “Where’s that girl who was in here?” Keira spit out.
"Sheila? I don’t know!” 
Her body burst to the surface. “Get me out of here!” she bellowed, “I can’t swim!” The friends gripped her shoulder and legs and braced against the current swirling in the room. Into the hatch opening, they guided her, giving each other encouragement between the gaps in their gritted teeth. 
Oh, and one other thing before I let you go. If any of you enjoy writing I'd be thrilled to swap drafts with you for critique, just be aware mine aren't very polished yet!

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