Saturday, August 1, 2015

Me(The Song)

I had to put (the song) in parenthesizes, because I really didn't want you to think I'm devoting a whole post to myself. That would be a little self-centered, wouldn't it? :D 

No, I'm devoting this song to one of my favorite villains-- Gaston and his ill-planned proposal to Belle. 

Sorry this post is so late in coming, I've given up on writing these one day after another. Maybe trying to get through all the songs before the school year starts is a better goal. 

A friend introduced me to this song(before I hadn't listened to many of the Broadway additions to the soundtrack). Usually, when I give a song(particularly from a musical) a listen for the first time, I have to wait for a few re-listens to appreciate it. Not so with Me. It's hilarious and perfect for Gaston. One can almost feel the selfishness of Gaston leaking through everything he says, and Belle's sense of sarcasm is perfect. 

~My Annotations~

0:16-  "Hoping, scheming just one thing, will you be a wife?" me: (sarcastically)Oh, I'm sure that's exactly what she's thinking. 

0:25- "Good news! That he-man's me!" *grins*

0:43- "On occasion women can have their uses, too! Mainly to expand the family tree!" me: And he expects her to marry him after saying this?

2:23- ". . . is it 'Yes' or is it 'Oh, yes!'?" :D 

2:33- Belle: "I- I just don't deserve you!" Gaston: "Who does? Me!!" Belle: "But thanks for asking."

I'll be back tomorrow soon with Belle(Reprise)



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