Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Movie Loving(Any Ideas??)

A few months ago(okay, okay 9 months ago) I published 20 Clues You Might Be A Bookworm on that other blog you may hear me reference occasionally. I asked a number of my book-loving friends for suggestions and ended up with a much longer list than what I would've come up with on my own.

I'm planning on also writing a similar 20 Clues You Might Be A Movie-Nerd list here(or at the other blog, we'll see), so if you have an idea would you pretty, pretty please send me a comment? I may not choose everything, but I'd really appreciate any ideas.

So tell me if you have anything! :D


  1. Oh! Yes! I'd love to read that:D

    Hmm...maybe, "When movie characters randomly appear in your dreams" or "When you know of and can references multiple movies that you haven't even seen"?

    1. Both of those. Perfect.

      I will definitely include them! Thanks!


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