Thursday, September 3, 2015

The End of Summer Tag

Hello, readers! Fall is upon is(or at least for me it is, if you still believe it's summer more power to you!). To celebrate, I decided to fill out the End of Summer Tag that AbigailChloe, and Alicia have nominated me for. Thank you, girls!! 


1. Thank the blogger who tagged you, and link back to them.
2. Answer the questions
3. Tag as many people as you can, we want this tag to get around, so we can hear about each other's summers!

Alright, then! 

1. How was your summer?

Overall it was fun! I wish I'd spent more time on reading, writing, photography, piano and less on browsing the internet/other unproductive activities. But that's how it goes every summer, no? 

2. What was a highlight for you?

Reading. Also from right about the beginning of the summer till now I've been spending lots of time reading/writing blogs and met lots of blogging buddies. Blogs are the best:) 

3. What was the best thing you did?

Probably hanging out with some friends to watch the extended edition of Return of the King. It doesn't get much better than that! 

4. What was the worst thing about the summer?

I love our new puppy, but not all the work she requires. So probably that. 

5. What was one of the craziest things you did this summer?

Although this didn't stick(I wonder why?), the first month or so of the summer I woke up at 6 many mornings which was actually earlier than my schedule from the previous school year required(now it's 5:30, crazy, I know). Sleeping in is not my thing! And that probably separates me from every other teenager alive;) 

This isn't crazy exactly, but making fireweed ice cream out of fireweed we picked from our neighborhood was awesome. 

6. What books were you reading?

Lots! The most memorable are The Wingfeather Saga, Breadcrumbs, and Inkheart. The complete list is here

7. Are you going to school, or staying at home?

 Both! I'm involved in a homeschool program called Classical Conversations, so I "go" to school
(or something like that) once a week. 

8. Are you excited about school?

Yep! Not so much at first, but I'm enjoying it now. Particularly the Shakespeare study(which involves reading The Taming of the Shrew), Latin, and Literature/Writing. 

^^Yeah, I took that picture. 

9. What was a highlight of last year's school year?

The mock trial was. . .interesting. Honestly, I was a tad too nervous to enjoy the experience as much as I should've. I'm still glad I did it, though. 

10. Are you looking forward to fall weather, and winter?

Yesh! Living in Alaska, I divide weather variations into two seasons: winter and summer. So fall isn't really a "thing". We're full on into winter, for example, by the time Thanksgiving rolls along. But I like winter, too(it's my favorite season, in fact!), so yes, yes, I am ready! 

Well, that was fun! How about you? How was your summer? 

I nominate Morgan.  


  1. Ah, so you're in Challenge I now?

    Mock trial was fun, but I probably stressed over it a bit too much as well. Which character did you play?

    "The Taming of The Shrew" is really fun! Are y'all reading it in class, or on your own?

    Great answers!

    1. Yup, Challenge I!

      I played Barbara Barrett and the prosecuting attorney. Who did you play?

      Both, I think. Probably about half and half.

      Thank you!

    2. I was Lee Porter. She was a fun character to play. When my sister did mock trial, she played Barbara Barrett and Lee Porter, When my brother did it, he was a prosecuting attorney.

    3. Ah, so you have a lot of experience, then! That's cool.

  2. Fun post! I enjoyed reading it, sounds like you had a fun summer!
    Also, thank you so much for tagging me!! :D

    1. Thanks, I did have a fun summer!

      No problem!

  3. Awesome!! So glad you answered it!

  4. I LOVE the Taming of the Shrew! It's maybe my favorite Shakespeare but I always go back on forth on that between it and Much Ado about Nothing. :) Have fun with school this year! I have friends that did Classical Conversations and I know they loved it. :)

    1. I haven't read Much Ado About Nothing, but I've seen the movie so I can understand your dilemma! :)

      Thanks, I'm sure I will!

  5. Fun reading your answers!:) But, um...what on earth is fireweed ice cream??

    1. Thanks! Haha, fireweed is an Alaskan flower that grows in abundance in our neighborhood, so we tore the petals off and boiled them in milk(I think?? I'm not remembering this very well. . .) to flavor the ice cream(also homemade). :D


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