Monday, September 7, 2015

The Wingfeather Saga(Books 3&4)

Well, I've finished the series(*flings confetti*), so here are my reviews:

The Monster in the Hollows(4 stars)-

I didn't actually *cough* write anything for this*cough*, but I wrote on Goodreads that my favorite character was Sara Cobbler.

The Warden and the Wolf King(4 stars)-

The Wingfeather family is up against all the trouble they managed to dodge in the previous three books and the trouble is serious. Bat fangs are swarming the Hollows, Green Fangs are up to their usual tricks, THE Grey Fang(a.k.a. Kalmar) is slipping slowly into wolfish-ness, and all-color Fangs are mass-produced everyday.

Either evil or good is going to win. Gnag or the Wingfeathers.

The finality and suspense would've been stronger with a few less pages, but Andrew Peterson had lots to work out, so I can't complain.

A beginning page of tWatWK reads, "This one's for you, Dear Reader. You're almost home." Isn't that so awesome?? Although this is nothing compared to what the characters went through, the quartet is 1488 pages(for me that's a commitment!) so it was comforting to hear, "You're almost home," as if I were fighting alongside Janner and Kalmar(which in my mind, of course, I was!).

I enjoyed almost everything about this series, so I won't go to the trouble of listing it all. I will say:

1). I was glad that. . .

*Spoiler* Podo actually died! *ignores nasty glares* Okay, okay, I was sad he died. Really. It's just that I'm tired of authors avoiding character deaths and instead showering their readers with spectacular escapes. Those are fun to read too, but I stopped taking deaths seriously after all the miraculous revivals. Also, of all the main characters, Podo was my least favorite, so. . . *End of spoiler*

2). The heroism and sacrifice at the end was beautiful.


There were a few criticisms floating around my mind I didn't want to mention, chalking them up to my over-criticizing of books. However, a few other Goodreads reviewers shared some of my concerns so I'll just put them out there.

1). Leeli does nothing. She's helpful in the first book, but kind of just sits there in the first book. Part of that was due to her weak leg, but it's still a valid point.

2). Andrew Peterson will switch the perspective from one character to another in the middle of a chapter. (It's one thing to do that from chapter to chapter or with clear breaks between chapters, but not from paragraph to paragraph.)

That's all I guess. . .

Overall, I loved The Wingfeather Saga, and would certainly recommend it to my fantasy-loving friends.

Favorite Character: Janner

Favorite Book in the Series: The Monster in the Hollows


So have you read this series? What did you think? 

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