Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Spotlight on the Spangled Soldier(Guest Post by Kiana)

Hey, everybody!
Meredith had to save the world....again. ;)  So she asked me to fill in for her.
Speaking of heroes, here's some fun facts about/ related to one Meredith's & my favorite super heroes: Captain America.


1. Captain America's height is 6'2" and weighs 220 lbs according to .

2. His first name is actually "Steven".

3. Steve Rogers' job, before he became the patriotic hero we love, was a comic illustrator, who even worked for.....wait for it....MARVEL!

4. Many people believe that the reason we do not see partnerships with teen sidekicks ( like Batman and Robin) in the Marvel Universe is due to "the death" of Bucky (who is Captain America's young sidekick in the comics).

5. Rogers is one of the few people who is "worthy enough" to be able to lift Mijolnir a.k.a. Thor's hammer.

6. There is a Russian version of Captain America called "the Red Guardian".

7. Steve Rogers is not the only one who has bore the mantle of Captain America. Both James "Bucky" Barnes and Sam Wilson (Falcon) have taken on this identity.

8. The first publication of Captain America was in 1941, the middle of World War 2.

9. According to, Chris Evans turned down this role three times before he agreed to portray this loved hero.

10. Ironman and Captain America are the two team leaders in the upcoming movie, Captain America: The Civil War..... So which side are you on?

   So there it is! I hoped you enjoyed this short snip-bit I put together, which Meredith has very graciously allowed me to post on her blog. Meredith you are the best! Please check out her blogposts (they are AWESOME!!) and follow this amazing writer. Oh, please comment below what your favorite super hero is. Are you a DC or Marvel fan?
        This is Meredith's crazy friend signing off.




  1. Nice post! I didn't know any of those facts...

    I must admit, I am a Marvel fan. And I'm Team Cap when it comes to Civil War.

    1. Oh, totally. I'm both Marvel and Team Cap. :D


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