Thursday, January 21, 2016

I Identify With Bilbo Baggins

So, a few weeks ago, while referencing my overnight Tolkien-themed movie marathon, I mentioned posting "a review or something". So here's my "something". : )

According to a small flowchart in my brother's "Hobbit Activity Book" which he acquired as a birthday present a few years ago, I am most like Bilbo. I never really appreciated that result.

Bilbo? Really? 

I wanted to be Thorin or maybe Gandalf. Someone important and serious. But on watching An Unexpected Journey again, I realized how many similarities we share, so here I am to relate those to you. :)

Bilbo Missed Bag End

I love to travel. And when we travel, I don't necessarily suffer from homesicknesses. However, I often prefer staying at home and watching Doctor Who or reading a good Sherlock Holmes mystery to venturing out and about. Of course, there are many activities outside of my neighborhood which I enjoy immensely(visiting the library, shopping at the mall, going to the movies), but hanging out at the house doesn't grow dull quickly. Which leads me to my next point...

Bilbo's Reactions To An Adventure

I'm not sure if I'm technically an introvert, since I do enjoy talking a lot(if you've met me, you know :D), but I do have some introverted tendencies. But at the same time, I totally get Bilbo's "Tookish side". I have a "Tookish side", despite the fact that no one in my distant family is named Took.

Reading adventure stories or watching fantasy movies excites such feelings, but, as with Bilbo, I'd definitely feel out of place if anything like that were to ever happen to me.

I Keep A Journal
Of course, Bilbo's "red book" wasn't exactly a journal, however he felt the desire to chronicle his adventures through pen and ink, just like I constantly jot down my thoughts and reflections on books, movies, and the world in general.

An Unexpected Gathering of Thirteen Dwarves Would Scare Me

This one might seem silly, because who wouldn't be startled if thirteen dwarves spontaneously appeared on the doorstep. But I think Bilbo's reaction paralleled mine in many ways.

I'm sorry, but do I know you?

Which LotR characters do you identify with? 


  1. Ah, good old Bilbo! I can definitely relate to him as well. We're both very attached to our books and food and just home in general. I probably identify with him the most out of all the characters.

    By the way, I don't think I've actually left a comment on your blog before. So hello officially! I've been reading all your lovely posts for quite a while and couldn't resist commenting on this one. (Because, ya know, LotR.) :)

    1. Yes! I think Tolkien created the hobbits to be the down-to-earth, relatable characters.

      Hello! xD

  2. I'm a lot like a Bilbo but I also see myself as Sam... someone who wants to see Elves but then be able to go home. :)

    1. That's interesting! I'm also like Sam in that way, but then I'm not half as heroic as he is...

  3. This was so sweet!!

    I suppose I am rather like Bilbo to!! I love my home and my books and my tea. When I'm gone for a long time I miss my armchair. I miss my Bag End. But when I am on an adventure I also love them. And there will always be a part of me that has Wandurlust. Just so long as I can get home again.

    This was such a fun post, I loved it!!!

    1. Thank you!

      YES. That's why I love him so much. :)

      Thanks again, Abby!

  4. I identify with Sam Gamgee the most -- we're both quiet, a bit shy, sensible, like to cook and garden, happy to remain in the background, but willing to step up and get the job done if need be.

    1. Now that I think about it more, I probably relate to Sam Gamgee as well, except that I usually have the Jane Bennet-tendencies to want to think the best of people, so I probably wouldn't be as harsh to Gollum as he was.

      Thanks for commenting!

  5. I identify with Bilbo and I always have. It's also my lifelong dream to become a Hobbit and go on an adventure.


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