Monday, April 4, 2016

God's Not Dead 2

There are two groups of movies I distrust: Christian, and sequels.

I don't know if I've ever said this here, but, in general, while there are exceptions(i.e. Do You Believe?, God's Not Dead) I find Christian movies to often be cheesy, shallow, or too emotionally-based.

And, minus some exceptions(i. e. Toy Story 2, The Empire Strikes Back), we can probably all agree that sequels rarely live up to the greatness of their predecessors. Recycling an old cast and plot lines just doesn't usually work.

So you can picture my skepticism when I heard about God's Not Dead 2.

To a degree, yes, the sequel has failed to reach the scope of the first, and yet it surpassed my expectations, regardless.

For one thing it continued in the habits of God's Not Dead, to strike a balance between appealing to non-Christians and Christians alike. I'm pretty sure it wasn't mainly intended as an evangelistic outreach(I mean, how many atheists would attend a movie called God's Not Dead?), but a source of encouragement, strengthening of faith, and wholesome entertainment to already-Christians.

(If an atheist or agnostic does find himself in the theater, there is content God could use to work in his heart, but it's mostly oriented towards Christians.)

It does make me wonder, if Grace had lost the case, what then? The culmination and resolution of the movie almost assumed that she could only feel God's presence when she was happy or prosperous, which isn't very consistent with Biblical teaching or current American trends and the ongoing worldwide Christian persecution.

So while the message may have been confusing, God's Not Dead has provided another entertaining, challenging, and refreshing flick I would recommend to my Christian friends.

Rating: 4 stars


  1. Hmmm...looks interesting! I'll have to google it.

  2. I know what you mean by "cheesy". This one sounds like a good one. I'll have to see it sometime. :)

    1. Good! I didn't want to sound like a snob, so I'm glad you agree!

      And yes, you should! :)

  3. I haven't seen this yet... I agree about "Christian" movies and sequels, though, so it's good to hear that overall this one is good. Nice review!

  4. I really want to see this!! I really liked the first one!

    I tagged you for the Infinity Dream Award btw!! :)

    1. I did too!

      Thank you!! I'll post my answers sometime...soon. :D


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