Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Mid-Year Freak Out Tag

My fellow book-dragon and Pride and Prejudice'05 appreciator, Mary Horton, nominated anyone who'd read Jane Austen to fill out the Mid-Year Freak Out Tag. I rather wanted to take it, so here I am!

1). Best Book You've Read So Far in 2016

Anne of Green Gables. I love this book, this story, those characters, that author. <3 Enough said.

2). Best Sequel You've Read So Far in 2016

Scarlet! It's second in the Lunar Chronicles, sequel to Cinder. Here's part of my Goodreads review, in case you're interested:

Well, that was exciting.

After the shortcomings of Cinder in the way of predictability and weak plot twists, Scarlet, quite the opposite, pulled neat twist after twist. These kept me on the edge of my seat, along with the snappy writing. And the heroine, Scarlet exceeded my expectations.

Like Cinder, it still has its problems. I hate Thorne.

Wolf, the other new male character is a wild card, but at least he isn't flirty and selfish like Thorne. I rather like him, actually.

Conclusion: Some elements didn't sit well with me, but overall it was a dramatic, fast-paced, and relatively clean novel. Looking forward to reading Cress! 

3). New Release You Haven't Read Yet But Want To 

Fading Starlight. Olivia made it look intriguing when she reviewed it, and I'd like to familiarize myself with quality Christian Fiction.

4). Most Anticipated Release for the Second Half of the Year

Secret Keepers, written by the author of my beloved Mysterious Benedict Society. It's expected on September 27th.

5). Biggest Disappointment

Possibly The Phantom of the Opera. I think I'll stick with the musical, thank you.

Alice in Wonderland also wasn't my favorite, but at least I anticipated that.

6). Biggest Surprise

Maybe Jo's Boys. I was happily surprised over its conclusiveness and entertainment.

7). Favorite New Author

G. K. Chesterton. I know I only read one book by him(The Innocence of Father Brown), but I have another one or two on hold at the library. I really like what I have read.

8). Newest Fiction Crush/Ship

Anne and Gilbert have become one of my new favorite fictional couples, even though I'm not sure they count as a ship since I've known they'd get together for a long time.

I'm also pretty confident I'll like Wolf and Scarlet eventually.

9). Newest Favorite Character

Anne Shirley. I always liked her, but this year especially. :D Others are Rose(Rose in Bloom) and Sydney Carton(A Tale of Two Cities).

10). Book That Made You Cry

A Little in Love by Susan Fletcher. It's well-done fanfiction about Eponine from Les Mis, so how could I not?

11). Book That Made You Happy

There's a good question! A couple books made me particularly happy this year:

Ella Enchanted,

Mara, Daughter of the Nile,

Sense and Sensibility,

the Anne books,


The Mysterious Benedict Society. 

Interesting how almost all are re-reads. I guess re-reads are just happy things. :)

12). Favorite Book-to-Film Adaption You Saw This Year

Assuming this means a movie that was new to me, Les Miserables 2012. That and Persuasion.

Awesome re-watches were Lord of the Rings(all three in one epic and exhausting all-nighter) and Anne of Green Gables.

13). Favorite Post You Have Done So Far This Year

I'm really not sure(what do YOU think?), but this one was sure exciting, if not my most polished post.

14. Most Beautiful Book You've Bought So Far This Year

Hmmm, either The Blue Castle or A Midsummer Night's Dream. Hooray for library book sales!

my book-sale book haul :D 

15). Books You Need To Read By The End of this Year: 

Ohhhh, boy. I'll limit this to 15, because we don't want to be here until 2017. ;)

~The Scarlet Pimpernel
~Lord of the Rings(re-read)
~Silas Marner
~North and South
~The Maze Runner
~Jane Eyre
~Anne's House of Dreams
~Anne of Ingleside
~Rainbow Valley
~Rilla of Ingleside
~Murder on the Orient Express
~The High King
~A Voice in the Wind


Well, you've read till the end! Or you just skimmed ahead. Either way-- thanks! I nominate anyone who has read G. K. Chesterton this year.

But before I sign off, I'll leave you with this Studio C video because it's book-related and makes me happy in a number of ways:

What are some of your favorite books from this year? Did you read any of the same books I did? Are you a Studio C fan? 


  1. Oooh, I'm so excited to read the Lunar Chronicles!!! :)

    1. Yes! They're a little weird, I m must say, but if you get through the first book, the second book should feel a little less "out there". :D

  2. The Lunar Chronicles are great, but I STILL have not read Fairest or Winter. My TBR list crept up on me and buried me in other books xD

    Have you ever watched the Anne of Green Gables TV show? I too liked the books (though I haven't read them for awhile) and the show is pretty good too.

    YES! Gilbert Keith Chesterton is amazing!! Which is the library book you have on hold? Have you read The Everlasting Man? Oh by the way, there is a DVD series of Fr. Brown mysteries based off the books if you're interested. I coincidentally just found them in my basement and I'm looking forward to watching them.

    Eponine fanfiction??

    Wow, a LOTR all-nighter? Impressive!

    1. Wow, I seem to have problems with replying to your comments! This is the second time one of my replies has been deleted. Oh well. Please excuse the late reply!

      Ahh, yes, that rascally TBR list sure loves to get in the way of those unfinished book series. :D

      Is that The Road to Avonlea? I've heard of that, but I haven't seen it.

      At least "The Man Who Was Thursday: A Nightmare" and maybe "Napoleon of Notting Hill". Have you read either of those? Nope, I haven't! Is it good? Ohh, those Fr. Brown videos sound so fun! I'm assuming they're pretty clean?

      Hehe, well after reading through your list of elements your abhor in books, I suspect there may be some annoying things to you, but I'd be interested to see what you think. would've been a bit more impressive if I hadn't slept through about twenty minutes of The Two Towers, but it was fun regardless! I think next time I feel the desire to binge watch LotR, one movie a night might be more enjoyable. :)

    2. Not a problem!

      No it's just called "Anne of Green Gables" it's from 1985 and it stars Megan Follows.

      I've only read snippets of Chesterton (hence my opinion he's amazing) and I have The Everlasting Man on TBR. I've only watched the first episode, which, judging by the summaries of the rest is probably the "raunchiest" one. None of them are really "raunchy" though. This ONE episode is a bit suggestive, but it's (for instance) way less suggestive than Les Mis.

      Haha, I don't mind those things as much in fanfiction.

      My strategy is to do a LOTR day instead of a night (I fall asleep after half an hour if I'm watching at night) XD

    3. Oh, I just think of those as movies, so that's why I was confused. You're talking about the movies, right?

      Wait, so you haven't read the Father Brown mysteries? You must find a copy ASAP! They are soo good. :D

      Ah, well it shouldn't be too much of a problem, then... Maybe I'll just skip the first episode...

      Okay, good. :)

      That's smart. It wouldn't really work for me because none of my siblings are allowed to watch it and there isn't anywhere in the house that I can watch it without their seeing it as well. But maybe sometime when everyone is gone for the day. xD

    4. Um...I think so? There are eight episodes or so? I guess I've always thought of it as a TV show.

      Okay! I'll add it to my list of books.

      It's not a big deal if you don't want to watch the first episode because each of the others are like their own little story which can be understood independently.

      Ah, that's rough. Yeah maybe that could work!

    5. Oh! Huh. The movies definitely have Megan Follows, but maybe there's a separate tv show? Or maybe it's the same thing, just in a different format? I'll have to look into that.

      Do! You might like finding a collection of the best Father Brown stories since the first collection takes a bit to get into the rut of the best Father Brown stories. But if you want to be more comprehensive, start with "The Innocence of Father Brown".

      Right. I'll probably just watch the episodes based off of the stories I've already read to avoid spoilers. Thanks for telling me about them!

    6. Hmm, confusing...

      Alright neat, I'll add it to the (ever-longer) list.

      Of course! Sounds like a plan :)

    7. So is it the 2014 BBC show that starts with "The Hammer of God"? Or is it an older show?

    8. It's from 1974 starring Kenneth More. The first episode coincidentally IS "The Hammer of God" followed by "The Oracle of the Dog". There are 7 episodes total in the set I have.

    9. 1974. Okay. I will scour the library's catalog. :)

  3. I just read Silas Marner (partly because it's a classic), and enjoyed it, although it definitely wasn't my favorite read.
    I love Anne and Gilbert too!

    1. Ah, funny! Isn't it somewhat short? I'm hoping that if I don't like it I won't be stuck trying to finish it for a long time.

      I know, RIGHT??? So many feels. <3 <3

  4. Ok, I feel like answering all of these awesome questions, so apologies in advance for how long this comment will be!

    Hmm, I read Ella Enchanted, A Tale of Two Cities, Scarlet, part of Anne of Green Gables (but I never got through it--not my cup o' tea), and The Mysterious Benedict Society. I am so stoked that Trenton Lee Stewart is coming out with a new book!!! Thanks for mentioning that or I would've been completely oblivious until my semiannual check of the children's section at Barnes&Noble. Also I've probably read sections of The Innocence of Father Brown, but honestly the Fr. Brown mysteries aren't my favorite of GKC's works, so I haven't read a ton of them. Nice book selections though. ;)

    My favorite books of this year are probably Bridge to Terebithia, and…uh…Bridge to Terabithia. Sadly, I don't remember reading anything else that was particularly good or memorable, although I'm sure I'll remember something later.

    YES, Studio C is amazing. I had already seen that sketch multiple times…one time by myself and the other two times when I was making each of my parents watch it. XD

    1. Hey, I forgot to tag anybody, but you are more than welcome to take the tag to your own blog if you want!

      Yeah! I don't think it has any association to the Mysterious Benedict Society, so I'm a little nervous that it won't be as good. But I guess there will only be one way to find out!

      Oh! I checked out Bridge to Terebithia from the library, so hopefully I can share your enthusiasm soon. :) That is too bad...maybe the next half of the year will bring better books! :)

      Ikr? There are a couple Studio C videos I've watched lots of times. Surprise Party Slaughter, Would You Rather, and Dana's Dead are some of them.

    2. Thanks! I think I will, as I'm pretty sure you ended up tagging people who've read Chesterton this year, which I definitely have.

      Ooh, that's exciting. I hope you enjoy the read.

      And I must add "Three Guys on a Scooter" to the list too. xD

    3. Oh yeah, I did! So there you go. :)

      Thanks. :D

      Right, can't forget that one!

  5. (Whoopsie, I thought you had posted a different Studio C video…I was thinking of "Narrator Hater" because that also has a storybook theme. But the one you picked is also a good one. :D)

    ^^I guess you didn't really need to know that, haha. But just so you know…yeah. XP

    1. Narrator Hater is good too!

      Isn't it? I love virtually everything about it. :D

      Haha, well now I know. xD


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