Monday, August 22, 2016

"Let the joyous news be spread!": In Which Downton Abbey Week Begins and I Fill Out the Accompanying Tag

Downton Abbey week is here! Click the button on my right sidebar to find more information. 

To start us out, Naomi has put together this delicious tag. 

For those trying to avoid spoilers, here are the questions you should skip according to which season you've finished:

nothing or season 1-  2, 3, 4, 5, 9, sorta 20

season 2-  2, 3, 4, 5

If you've finished season 3 or later, I think you're good.

1. Who introduced you to Downton Abbey?
My parents. They didn't exactly introduce me, but they watched it first which piqued my interest.

2. What Season did you (or: do you think you would) enjoy the most?
Season 6 looks really special, but my favorite thus far has been Season 2. All the drama and WWI background and Mary/Matthew stuff. 

3. Who wore the prettiest wedding dress?
Edith. If nothing else, I admire her sense of fashion. 

4. What plot twist/ scene came most unexpected to you? (Or do you pre-read all the spoilers?)
I was pretty surprised when poor Edith got jilted at the altar. :( 

This makes me hate Sir Anthony Strallan so much.  

5. If you could save one character from dying, who would you save?
Matthew! The show is not the same without him.

6. Who is your favourite Downton Abbey footman?

7. What typo annoys you more? "Downtown Abbey" or "Downton Abby"?
I don't really see either of those very much. But probably the latter, since "downtown" is amusing to me. 

8. Which character do you think developed the best throughout the seasons?
Hmmm, not many of them develop for the better through the seasons. I think Rose matures the most and is actually a better person after a few seasons than she was originally. 

9. Favourite Downton couple? (Okay, pick two, because there's too much cuteness to narrow down to one.)
Sibyl and Branson. 

Matthew and Mary. 

And I ship Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson hard. But I don't know if it will happen.

10. Which of Granny Grantham's one-liners is your favourite?
I don't think I could pick a favorite, but here's an exchange I really love.

Mrs. Crawley: "You're only saying that to sound clever."

Lady Grantham: "Yes, you should try it!"

11. How do you react when you meet another DA-lover?
Hmm. A lot of people watch the show without being a lover necessarily, so when I meet a Downton-watcher, I try to stay calm at first. "Oh yeah! I love that show." 

But if someone is a fan fan, we MUST TALK. 

12. Do you think the show should go on and on, or do you think it should have ended earlier?
Well, I haven't finished it yet, but I think it should have ended at Season 7 or 8 if not sooner for these reasons: 

1). It'd be sad if lots of the actors got tired of it and wanted to leave the show, since that would would mean all of their characters would die/disappear. 

2). If it went too far into the '20s or '30s, the actors would start to look way too young.

3). Now the actors can look for new acting opportunities.

13. Which room in Downton Abbey is your favourite?
The library! I wants it. But the staircase is also eye candy.

not the library, but I liked this part nonetheless xD

14. If you could be part of the story, would you rather be a person downstairs or upstairs?
Downstairs would be less dull than upstairs, but I think I'd choose upstairs because:

1). the clothes

2). the people (Matthew, Sybil, Lady Grantham)

3). I could choose what I wanted to do like Sybil and Matthew did, rather than be assigned by Mr. Carson

4). walking on the staircase

5). having one of those huge bedrooms

5). eating the food

15. Who would you rather spend an afternoon with, Mrs Patmore or Lady Grantham (Cora)?
I'm not really fond of either. Mrs. Patmore is too bossy and Lady Grantham is too whiny. I suppose Mrs. Patmore. 

16. Do you have any Downton Abbey inside jokes with someone?
Quite! My friend and I binge-watched Season 1 together and realized how many "unimpressed" faces there were. Particularly Mary and Thomas's. 


17. Describe the show in one word.

18. On a scale of 1-10, how much of a fan do you consider yourself?
I haven't seen the last season and a half and I don't remember all of the characters' names, so maybe only a 7 1/2. But when I do watch it, I get really into it, and sometimes it's all I want to talk about with my Downton friends. 

So when I finish it, maybe I'll be an 8 or 9. :) 

19. Do you sometimes forget who is who?
Yes! Especially Mary's potential suitors and Rose's lovers. There are too many! 

20. Finally, who is your favourite character (okay, pick three favourites, but no more than three - NO MORE), and why do you love them? 

~Matthew- I love Matthew because he's productive, kind, gentlemanly, and otherwise nearly perfect. He fought in WWI, reformed Mary, and stood up for her against that nasty Richard Carlisle. 

~Lady Rose- I think by virtue of being played by Lily James, she's awesome. And I love how she matures over the show and all her quirks. :D 

~Sybil- Her passion and dedication to whatever she's working at coupled with her kind disposition make her one of the most moral characters in the show. 


There you are! You can hope(or dread, as the case may be) for another DA post or two before the week is over. Thanks for reading!

Can you all see the pictures in this post? Otherwise please tell me, because if you can't I must fix it immediately! :D 


  1. I enjoyed reading this Meredith!! I love Downton Abbey!!! <3 :D

    1. Good!! I hope I didn't spoil anything for you. Which season are you on?

    2. I have watched them all. They were really good!! I'm sad that it ended, but they did end it well. :D

    3. Ahh, I'll be sooo sad when it's over. :( But then I'll watch Season 2 again, because it's so nostalgic and stuff. :D

      Maybe we should collaborate and write a post together or something, seeing as we're both fans. :)

  2. Agree SOO MUCH with your answers. ;-) And agree, Edith's fashion sense is amazing, especially in Season Six. :-)
    And you haven't seen more than Season Three yet?
    Yeah, I think living Upstairs would be SO COOL. :-D BREAKFAST IN BED. And all that.
    Lovely answers!

    1. Right? It's her one redeeming quality. :)

      Oh, no! I've seen up through episode 3 of season 5. I just didn't include any spoilers(that I know of) from seasons 4 or 5.

      Quite right! And all the food looks lovely.

      Thank you!!


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