Friday, October 21, 2016

Anticipating Winter and the Holidays


Last night I was up till 1:30 finishing a lab report I should have written much earlier in the week, and I was thinking about how excited I am for the winter and holiday season.

Somehow some of my best memories happened during the November and December months. Finals(yes, I rather enjoy those), Christmas shopping, reading allll the books, Thanksgiving, visits from grandparents, starting Downton Abbey Season One on Thanksgiving morning(good times ;D), and Christmas cookies.

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Seriously something about the snow and cold and dark and busy school days contrasted with holiday breaks make me happy.

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As I was mulling over winter expectations, I thought I should flip on the porch light, just in case there might be any snow. And there was. Fluffy, pure white, and cascading from the sky in overwhelming scope. That made my night and the rest of today.

Proof I live in Narnia. 

Brace yourselves. Winter and the holidays are coming. :D


By the by, I'm sorry I haven't written in so long! Here are some random things I should update you on, just 'cuz:

~I hopped on the Hamilton bandwagon. (But I still only listen to some of the songs.)

~I started listening to more of the Piano Guys. Watch this:

the only One Direction song I like ;P

~I realized how deficient my Starbucks-ordering skills are. Between indecision and incompetence at swiping a debit card, you couldn't exactly call me a pro. XD

How have you been coping with the school year and increasingly colder weather? Are you cringing or elated like me? 

Are you looking forward to the Holidays? Are you terrible at ordering at Starbucks? :D 


  1. A wave of nostalgia just overwhelmed me when you were describing the snow and the holidays. I got up this morning and looked out my window first thing, and I thought it looked kind of fuzzy outside so I took a second look and it was SNOW. So I stared at it for a bit. It was very inspiring. So yes, you could say I've been coping. ;D The holidays will be awesome.

    And yes, I am also terrible at ordering at Starbucks. ;)

    P.S. Your Narnia picture is beautiful.
    P.P.S. Excellent music choices!

  2. Yay! Nostalgia was what I was going for since it's what I feel when I think about winter and Christmas. Yes, it is very inspiring. I rather felt like Matt Smith in your profile pic last night when I was reveling in the snow. :D Except he's the doctor and I was only a teenage in pajamas.

    I'm glad you're coping as well as I am. ;)

    Haha. xD

    P.S. Thank you! It was taken from my driveway. <3

    P.P.S. I thought you'd approve. ;)

  3. What a cozy post! It got me all excited for the holidays--that I have been looking forward to since I started listening to Christmas music a month ago. NO, that is NOT too soon. ;) At least not in my house anyway. Haha.

    That picture of your snow, wow! You didn't just get dusted, you got really truly snow! Lucky!! I love everything about the holidays and cooler weather! wait for my own snowfall...*sigh*

  4. I consider that the highest compliment. :D Wow! You do start early! We save the Christmas music till late November, unless it's Handel's Messiah. Then that's okay. :)

    Yes! I was so happy that it snowed deep AND stuck.

    I hope it snows soon where you live. :D Thanks for commenting!!

  5. I am so horrible at ordering coffee anywhere (though I frequent Caribou the most). I always feel so dull because I'm completely unsure what the difference between the frappichino and a cappichino is (and I have no idea if I even spelled them right). I think I need a cheat sheet or something...XD

    I must agree with Art3mis Took--I feel so nostalgic after reading this, especially the part about Downton Abbey and Thanksgiving. My favorite parts of the holidays are not always big parties and fancy traditions. Sometimes it's just sitting around with my siblings--who live out of the house now--and having them all come back and hang out together. One Christmas we spent days together beating Super Mario Brothers, another we watched some movies...wherever my siblings are we have an awesome time and I'm so happy they get to come home for the holidays most years <3

    1. Yours it the first comment I'm actually replying to. Somehow the "reply" button evaded me the first two comments.

      Anyhow. I need a cheat sheet too! It's not fair how coffee menus just assume I know my terms. ;)

      Do you watch Downton too? (If not, Thanksgiving is the best day to start :D).

      Awww, I love how different people have different Christmas experiences, but everyone feels the same nostalgia about them. Your Christmases sound awesome!

    2. I've seen just a few episodes--I didn't even start at the beginning--because I don't think it's on Netflix and you have to pay extra for it On Demand. How do you watch it?

    3. Oh, okay. There is some unfortunate mature content in some of the episodes, but the rest is sooo good. :D

      I watch it the old fashioned way-- on DVD. :) It's pretty expensive to buy them, so I borrow them through the library. Also, last time I checked, they were available on demand with an Amazon Prime account.

    4. Why didn't I think of that? I'm at the library all the time XD

    5. There you go then! If you do watch it, you must tell me what you think. It's totally my favorite show. <3

      And I know what you mean, the library is basically my second home. :)

  6. You have SNOW?! :) Where I live, it only occasionally dips down to 37 degrees, so snow is pretty much outside the realm of possibility. Christmas and Winter are the best!

    1. Yes, ma'am! Awww, that's sad. :/ But I'm glad you enjoy winter and Christmas anyways! There's plenty to love, even without the snow. :)


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