Monday, November 21, 2016

What Sort of Posts Would You Like To See Around Here?

The title, says it all: what things do you want to read when you're here?

I 'm very behind on book reviews, so you'll probably(hopefully) see a bunch of those come through before the end of the year, but I'd like to write posts of other varieties as well.

Sometimes I write book-themed lists, sometimes, I write little life-updates, sometimes I publish guest posts, and sometimes I write meditative(for lack of a better word) reflections. What do you like? Do you prefer my writings to stick with a book/movie/tv show theme, or do you prefer less nerdy things on occasion? Anything new I should try?

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Oh, and in that vein, I realize I am quite behind on blog tags, so add that to the list of what you should see coming in torrents soon. In fact, if you've tagged me for something I haven't filled out yet, would you be willing to leave the link in the comments? Much obliged. ;)



  1. I like lists! And reviews, tags, random thoughts, musings... I'm not being very helpful, am I?

    1. Good! At least I know I'm doing stuff somewhat right. ;)

  2. I agree with Hamlette--I enjoy what you're doing with the blog so I'm not sure what to change. But I did really like that last "musing" post, so maybe you could include more of those? I feel like you don't have many things on here that are about yourself and your experiences, and those are some of the things that I find most interesting. Just throwin' that out there. ;)

    1. Well good, because those are the posts I've been itching to do more of. I want to be a little more personable here.

      Thanks for the input!


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