Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Shopper Stereotypes

Christmas shopping is one of my favorite parts of Christmas. Starting Black Friday and ending sometime before Christmas Day(we hope), it's just the best. And lately I've been thinking about the different types of shoppers and different ones I've been "over the years". So I compiled a list of the sterotypes for you to enjoy. :)

But first, some music, because Downton Abbey is LIFE. Or so I wrote in my journal last night. <3

:D :D

The Schemer- The schemer overthinks. She deliberates over each item, comparing prices and quality. As she scouts the mall departments, she envisions how each present will look wrapped, where she'll place it under the tree, and whether she should put it in a bag, wrap it, or both.

The Saver- The saver loves a good deal. She never spends more than a dozen dollars at a time, and 90% of her gifts were on sale. She revels in getting the most out of a $10 bill and will always find multiple listeners to recount her brilliant savings to. She scoffs gift baskets, because you can find those individual items for cheaper, you know. Conversely, the spender,..

The Spender- The spender pulls into the Target parking lot, orders a 20 oz. venti white chocolate mocha with three shots of expresso at Starbucks, and waltzes down the aisles grabbing whatever looks appealing. She mentally scans her list of gift-receivers and checks out. The cashier announces her total, she swipes her credit card, and orders a peppermint frappucino for the ride home. (No offense to Starbucks fans, I assure you.)

The Stinker- The stinker brings old socks and such presents to white elephant gift exchanges. He wraps his gifts with wedding wrapping paper and otherwise creates general havoc. ;)

The Stresser- Poor Stresser. The holidays are just too much for some.

The "Speeder"- The speeder finishes her shopping before October, stows everything in the closet, and enjoys a relaxing holiday season. Until January, when it's time to start shopping for next year.

The Straggler- On the other hand, the straggler waits till the week leading up till Christmas for shopping. Why do something now that you could do later? Or perhaps, he just wants to prolong the delight that is Christmas shopping. Surely that's why. ;)

Which stereotype are you? Are there any you would add? I'm mostly the saver and a bit of the straggler. :D


  1. These are great! I love the description of the spender. XD

    1. Thank you!! Haha, that one was fun. :D

  2. Ha, ha! There is deep accuracy in this. I would say I'm a saver and a schemer. And a bit of a stresser.

    1. xD I think I'm all of those too. I have SO much fun being a great saver and schemer that it's all eventually catches up with me and stresses me out. xD


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