Friday, February 17, 2017

5 Reasons To Like Persuasion 2007

My small contribution to Hamlette's Jane Austen week, a Persuasion movie review:

Persuasion 2007 may be one of the more underrated Austen movies. It's a given that any period drama fan has probably seen both P&P movies and the'95 S&S, but poor Persuasion 2007 sits neglected in the corner.

But I like it. It's enjoyable and endearing, even if Sally Hawkins does look straight at the camera on multiple occasions and the ending almost resembles a chick-flick. are the top five reasons to watch(and like) Persuasion 2007...

5. The Length

With Sense and Sensibility '95 at 2 hours and 20 minutes, Sense and Sensibility '08 at about 3 hours, and Pride and Prejudice 1995 at almost 6 hours, it's convenient to find an Austen movie I can watch in a single evening. 93 minutes is the perfect run time for this movie-- not too rushed, not too tedious.

the main actors-- Rupert Penry-Jones and Sally Hawkins

4. The Thoroughness

But despite the abbreviated length, the movie fits in all the essential details and characters.

Captain Benwick could have been slightly better developed and I was sad to miss the lovely scene wherein Captain Wentworth gives his letter to Anne, but overall the necessities were there.

3. The Oceanside Shots

They are so pretty.

2. The Humor

Mary is hilarious. Absolutely obnoxious, but hilarious. And I laughed pretty hard at her poor husband, Mr. Musgrove as well.

1. The Tension

I've read the book and seen this movie before, but I still started to get a little nervous for the outcome towards the end.

Will Captain Wickham propose to Louisa? 

Will Anne catch Captain Wickham in time? 

That's one of the movie's strongest points-- its ability to re-involve me in a story I already know the outcome to.


Have you seen this version of Persuasion? What did you think? Did you like the casting choices? 


  1. I do like this movie, I own it and rewatch it fairly often. You make some great points and I'm glad you love it so well! :) I have to admit though, for all that I love RPJ's Wentworth (ALL the heart eyes!), there is one big, glaring omission that bugs me. I love that letter scene in the book SO, so much and the fact that the filmmakers decided to change it? Ugh. The crucial convo between Anne and Harville is changed as well. This scene is incredibly important to the story! And it really bothers me that they changed it.

    Okay, I'm done venting now. I DO like the movie for the record! :)

    1. I know... It really is a shame they didn't include it. Oh dear, I honestly can't remember the Anne/Harville conversation, but I trust your word for it that it was an unfortunate omission. :/ Oh well...

      Good! :D Thanks for commenting!

  2. This is actually the only film version of Persuasion that I've seen so far! I did really really like it. ^_^ I too was impressed that it was so short but didn't feel like it, and Captain Wentworth's actor did a great job. :) Fun post! I'd like to see the other Persuasion movie some time, but at the moment this one is the definitive one for me so I love it. <3

    1. Same! Yeah, he was a good actor. :)

      Yep! Thank you!

  3. I LOVE this one, too!!! It's pretty much perfect in my eyes. :)

    1. Really? Huh, I guess there are more fans than I realized. ^.^

  4. I do like this version, aside from the music, which sometimes annoyed me. But I actually like that Anne breaks the fourth wall sometimes (looks right at the camera) because it makes me feel a little like I'm in the room with her, or she's confiding in me. And I think Sally Hawkins was a wonderful Anne Elliot -- really captured her overall character arc.

    Thanks for contributing this to I Love Austen Week!

    1. Yeah, the music is a little strange.

      Huh, I can see that. I honestly found it a little creepy, but also a little more...personal, in a way.

      Yes, Sally Hawkins was pretty good.

      Of course! Thanks so much for hosting!!

    2. I'm a fan of quite a few movies where characters break the fourth wall. Maybe it's part of why I like Shakespeare and his soliloquies too? I like having characters "interact" with me that way.

    3. Interesting! It's sort of like theater where actors often make eye contact...

    4. Yes, actors in live theater sometimes break the fourth wall too, especially if they're soliloquizing.

  5. Oh, this is our favorite version (of two we've seen). Its one of my favorite Austen novels. Austen had two endings (the letter and the meeting about the house which she omitted) and this blended them both which I loved. That is why it is different.

    I adore this Captain Wentworth. The rest of the characters were decent or hilarious, but everything (as in the book) is so quick. I love when Anne plays "Moonlight Sonata." We all love that piece because of the movie.

    However, the filming/directing, what have you was AWKWARD. Dizzing shots, weird into the camera stars, and we always die over the awkwardness of the kiss (the timing and the angle).

    1. Oh interesting. I didn't know that!

      I like him too! He's not my favorite Austen hero, but still good.

      Yeah, true. xD

  6. Oh, I haven't seen this one yet! I watch and rewatch the Austen films quite regularly , but this is a version that has escaped my notice. I will have to check it out sometime. :)


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