Friday, December 22, 2017

The Four Best Books I Read in 2017

First of all, a very, merry Christmas to you! And happy winter solstice, since that was yesterday.

A lot happened in 2017. A lot in my reading life, that is. A lot in real life too. Here are my top five favorite books I read for the first time this year(in no particular order)...

The Secret Thoughts of An Unlikely Convert 

To quote my Goodreads review,

This is incredible. Rosaria Butterfield tells her conversion from practicing lesbian and feminist to Christian homeschool mom in a warm but convicting manner that always pointed me back to the One who grants salvation. 

The Secret Thoughts challenged me in so many ways and there isn't anyone over the age of fifteen who couldn't benefit from it.

Catching Fire

Okay, so clearly The Hunger Games trilogy isn't some big literary masterpiece, but I kind of really liked Catching Fire. As I wrote on Goodreads,

This is so much better than The Hunger Games. The writing is more readable, the characters are more likable and the love triangle-- though still sappy-- is much more engaging and relevant to the rest of the plot. 

I understand that Catching Fire is almost a rehashed version of its predecessor and that Peeta is still way too physically incompetent and Katniss is still rather emotionally incompetent. And I understand the pacing is weird. I even understand this isn't really a literary masterpiece. However it is so engrossing and genius that I loved it. 

This Changes Everything

I had the awesome opportunity to advance read this for free(although I ended up buying a physical copy too!). This is the best Christian-living book(or resource) directed at teens that I've read-- it isn't patronizing but challenging and has become pretty influential in my own life.

This Changes Everything offers nothing original or necessarily mind-blowing besides the simple gospel and its power to transform daily life.

The Schwa Was Here

I read this on a whim thanks to my friend's recommendation and it was probably the most touching and engrossing piece of fiction I tried this year. I don't even know how to describe it except that it's about a middle schooler but if feels more mature than MG and it's really genuine but bizarre and you'll just have to check it out for yourself.


And just for kicks, here are my favorite re-reads of the year:

Emily of New Moon 

Because L. M. Montgomery was genius.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 

Possibly the best Harry Potter book? Also just really good in, like, every way.

What were your favorite books you read this year? Have you read any of these? And does anyone want to discuss The Last Jedi with me?


  1. Secret Thoughts is amazing! And read the sequel! It's almost even better!

    1. Is that Openness Unhindered? I'm definitely planning to!

  2. Wow, I haven't read any of these, but they sound good! Well, I have read Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, it and #5 are my favorites!!

    Does anyone want to discuss The Last Jedi with you? YES!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell me all that you think about it!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yeah, the whole HP series is great!

      Okay, I'm just on my way to the TLJ post to discuss it!

  3. These sound really great! I will have to add them to my list. :) :) Happy New Year!

    1. Yay! Hopefully you like them as much as I did. :D

      Thanks and you too!

  4. Oh, my favorite HP books is the one up next for you. I got hooked to HP on the fourth movie, that probably plays a part (movies aren't nearly as good as the book, but I think the fourth is far far the best book to movie of them all).

    1. I just finished the fourth book in December! So good. :D It was actually my second time reading it and it doesn't get old. Yes, I'm looking forward to re-watching the movies!


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