Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Watch More Movies

Watch more movies.

Stop looking for entertainment in endless video feeds on Facebook or YouTube or the exhausting corporation-packaged doses of stimulation that social media offer.

Watch more movies.

Enjoy projects put together by a team of people passionate for their art and a director with a vision for his or her story.

Watch more movies.

Acquaint yourself with the characters our parents and grandparents have loved or hated before we were born.

Watch more movies.

Experience the thrill of a film led by a script that has been revised and rethought to the brink of perfection.

Watch more movies.

Witness the echoes of the gospel.

Watch more animation.

Appreciate the vast and varying styles of animation artists and their painstaking craft.

Watch more sci-fi.

Allow your mind to explore alternate interpretations of reality.

Watch more drama.

See the unfolding behavior and interactions of creatures in God's image.

Watch more horror.

Search out the edifying but terrifying movies that portray the consequences of a sinful world.

Watch more kid movies.

Savor the stories that appeal to every age but were made with no less care than those for adults.

Watch more fantasy.

Enjoy the creativity of writers mimicking the Creator.

And when you've watched movies, make your friends sit down and watch them too.


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