Sunday, November 22, 2015

In Which I Ramble About My Life-Long Narnia Obsession

SO. Abigail at Castles in the Air is hosting a Narnia Week. Go check it out! Today's contribution will narrate my obsession with Narnia, which, as you are probably fully aware, is still quite strong. ;)

The story begins sometime in my pre-Kindergarten days. Anything before Kindergarten is fuzzy for me, but I was, oh say, four. Four sounds right. My mom read me The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.

This goes to show how quickly my memory of four-year-old life is fading, but now I'm questioning whether we started with The Magician's Nephew or not. If we did, I don't remember any of it, so let's pretend we didn't;)

Of course, as a four year old, much of it flew over my head. For example, I didn't get that the White Witch was bad. At least not at first. I remember once flipping ahead to the picture of the Pevensies and Beavers dining together and asking my mom if it were a picture of the feast the White Witch had promised. But, yes, I liked it. Partially because it was good and partially because I was always hungry for more stories and devoured anything mom got on CD for me. I practically liked books more than I do now. ;D

After finishing the book, someone lent us a cartoon-version of LTWW. Mehhh.

However, the new 2005 version was playing in theaters at the time. We didn't go to many movies, then, so I waited until its release on DVD to watch it. (Btw, I've never seen the BBC Chronicles of Narnia before. They look horrid.) But after watching it, ohhhhhhhhhhh, my fangirl status had been cemented.

My first ever gif. 

My grandmother bought it for us and (how do I explain this?), I just loved it forever, okay? ;) Our Father's day present to Dad was the full soundtrack on CD which he promptly copied, so I would have one, too. So, when I wasn't watching the movie or listening to the dramatizations, I was prancing about in the living, listening to Blitz 1940.

Oh, I should mention my other exposure to Chronicles of Narnia was the Focus on the Family Dramatization. Seriously, please listen to those.  

Moving on. I took a rather lengthy break from reading any of the books, although rest assured, the movie and dramatizations played plenty of times at our house!

In, hmmm, 2nd grade(??), the library held some sort of event(the details escape me) which required reading books and writing short reviews. So I picked up Prince Caspian. I remember including something in the review about loving the way the story had been pieced together. But yeah, I loved the whole thing, really.

Then Prince Caspian came out on DVD(we missed it in theaters, again). (See this pattern we'd established of movies coming out on DVD just when I'd finished reading their book-counterparts?)

It freaked me out a little and my dad and I shook our heads at the un-faithfulness to the books. So that wasn't the best episode of my fangirling history, but it's there anyways.

Then Disney released The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. So I read the book and my dad and I caught it in theaters(no, we were careful to NOT miss it this time). As usual, I loved it. (I've only seen this one four times since. Maybe I'll watch it this week to celebrate.)

In the summer prefacing 6th grade, I read the whole series from start to finish. The last few pages of The Last Battle found me in our big car we'd just driven all day to a favorite fishing/camping location. Everyone else had poured out and had begun to prepare the camper/greet friends while I was still hunched over the book. Personally, that book is the most emotional of the series, so after finishing I remained in the car a little, unprepared to return to real life. This is the end? They...died? Susan... wasn't in Aslan's country?? 

You get the picture.

Anyways, I haven't actually read any of the books since, but I re-listened to the dramatization of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader in 7th grade. I'll definitely have to read the series again in anticipation of The Silver Chair movie and then again over the summer or something.

When did you first get hooked on Narnia?

Thanks for reading(and if you comment, thanks for commenting)! :D


  1. This was so awesome! Your story was similar to mine... Which I will share in a upcoming post...
    I love the movies. They are so magical. And the BBC ones do look quite horrid. But the audiodrama's! They have got to be the world's best audio drama! That series is on my christmas list. :)

    Thanks so much for posting this!!

    1. Thank you!

      Magical is a good word. Especially for the first one. That's funny! My mom gave them to me as a Christmas present, too.

      Yep, and you can expect more in the next few days;)

  2. Urgh! I was trying to comment on this post the other day, and it refused to go through. Technology.

    ANYWAY. I really, really loved this post:D Even though, I will say, the BBC version of The Silver Chair is one I really love (because it's got a lot of memories, and it's not actually that bad). The other three…yeah. Not so much;)

    Oh, I've heard some of the Focus on the Family dramatizations! I gotta admit, though, that I prefer the ones that are just the books verbatim narrated by one person. I have odd tastes ;-P

    The Last Battle is so emotional! And that Susan isn't there…IT'S NOT OKAY. But at least he leaves it *sorta* open for her to return someday.

    Loved this! Thanks for it!:D

    1. That's okay! I'm very happy that you commented at all:)

      It's very possible I would enjoy it better if I'd been introduced to it when I was younger and it were wrapped up in memories and all that. Maybe someday I'll try The Silver Chair...

      I understand that! I prefer the books to the dramatizations as well, but the dramatizations are a nice supplement.

      How can it be so emotional?? AND NO, IT'S NOT OKAY AT ALL. But apparently C. S. Lewis said he thought she would make it to Narnia, eventually.

      Glad you liked it, and thank YOU for commenting! :D


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