Sunday, November 8, 2015

Just A Quick Note to Persuade You Why Billy Budd, The Audio Dramatization Is Better Than Billy Budd, The Book

Yeah, so... There's this school assignment I had a couple weeks ago.

Reading Billy Budd.

School supplies, in case you wanted a picture of that. ;D

Now, normally I enjoy the books I've been required to read(this year having a few more exceptions than usual). Billy Budd was one such exception. BUT, rather than ranting about what the book lacked, I'd rather present an alternative,

Focus on the Family's Audio Dramatization of Billy Budd, Sailor

Reasons why it's better than the book:

  • It's Condensed 
The book's story is great, but sooo stretched to fit into 85 pg. 

  • The Soundtrack
Well, obviously, the book didn't have a soundtrack. But the audio dramatization's was especially good. :D 

  • It's More Moving
Hearing the characters' voices touched me more personally than Herman Melville's monotonous strings of lengthy sentences could.

  • It Highlights The Christian Themes of the Story

That's only four, but I wanted to get this out of my system. As usual, thanks for reading! 


  1. I didn't like that one either, a cd story sounds way better than just reading it.

    1. Good, we're together in our dislike;)

    2. I had to read it while we were on vacation too, so that added even more dread. I think it took me close to a week to finish, because I was reading so many other fun books.

    3. Yeah, not exactly vacation reading! It took me a week to read as well, and not because of any other books I was reading!


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