Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The C. S. Lewis Tag(YAYYY)

Just as I'd hoped, Abigail published a tag, so I couldn't resist filling it out immediately! :) 

 And don't worry-- I will stop talking about C. S. Lewis...eventually. 


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1. How did you hear about C. S. Lewis?
Well, I first read his books in the three-five year old range, but I'm not sure I could identify those as his at the time... 

When I was four/five, my parents gave me the boxed set of Focus on the Family Chronicles of Narnia dramatizations. Each story was introduced with a short bio, which would mean that's probably when I could first connected the name "C. S. Lewis" with "Chronicles of Narnia".

2. What was the first of his books that you read?
Tricky... My mom and I had actually talked about this a few days ago, and we settled on The Magician's Nephew.

3. Which one of his book(s) is your favorite?
The Last Battle, hands down!

4. Describe what you feel when you read his books.
Hmmm, they all, even Out of a Silent Planet give me a distinctly cozy feeling. The Chronicles of Narnia make me feel nostalgic and longing, like there's something I want really badly. Jack says that's my longing for something outside of this world. Like Heaven. 

He experienced that, himself. One day, as a young boy, his brother Warren showed him a (what was it again?) miniature fairy garden(??)and he described experiencing a strong "longing". 
5. How have you been touched or impacted by his works?
Yes! Most specifically, they were my first introduction to fantasy. They were some of the first chapter books Mom ever read to me, so you could also say they served to fuel my book-love.

6. What would you say to anyone who hasn't read any of his books?
Don't expect Lord of the Rings. Because it's not. But read them, anyways! In some ways, they're better and more boldly parallel to scriptural truths than LotR and other fantasy series, and yet never preachy. 

7. If you could write a letter to Jack, thanking him, or asking him questions, what would it be? (show us as your answer.) 

Dear Mr. Lewis, 

Thank you for writing The Chronicles of Narnia. They have touched and comforted me in a way no other book has. You're characters are vivid, writing style gorgeous, and narrative beautiful. I also experience the "longing" you talk about(particularly while reading your books!). 

I do have a few questions: Do you think that Susan eventually ends up in Narnia? 

How old did you imagine the Pevensies being? 

Also, do you have a favorite scene in Lord of the Rings

Your fan, 

Meredith May Johnson

“If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world." -C. S. Lewis


  1. Awesome answers! :D

    I knoooow, I love how Jack experienced the longing too.

    1. Thx! :)

      Yesssss, just another reason to like him.

  2. Oh, have I mentioned that the quote you have up by your header is one of my top favorite Narnia quotes ever?

    1. No, you haven't! It's one of my favorite quotes, too(well, you probably gathered that, but...). The awesome thing is that there (allegorically) IS an Aslan. :D

      Thanks for your comments!


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