Saturday, February 20, 2016

Inkling Explorations[February 2016]

Second time to participate!

February is:

A Scene Involving a Disguise in Book or Film

I read lots of Sherlock Holmes, so this month's wasn't going to be too tricky. The particular Sherlock disguise passage I chose comes from the first story in The Return of Sherlock Holmes.

Prior to writing this collection, Doyle had resolved to quit writing SH stories and thus kill Holmes off. Fortunately, things didn't go as he'd expected, and due to fandom protests(although "fandoms" weren't really things back then :D), Doyle revived Holmes and created an explanation for his seemingly unexplainable reappearance.

Shortly before this excerpt, Watson had collided with an elderly man carrying a collection of odd books. This picks up after Watson has returned to his home:

...I had not been in my study five minutes when the maid entered to say that a person desired to see me. To my astonishment it was none other than my strange old book collector, his sharp, wizened face peering out from a frame of white hair, and his precious volumes, a dozen of them at least, wedged under his right arm. 

   "You're surprised to see me, sir," said he, in a strange, croaking voice. 

   I acknowledged that I was. 

   "Well, I've a conscience, sir, and when I chanced to see you go into this house, as I came hobbling after you, I thought to myself, I'll just step in and see that kind gentleman, and tell him that if I was a bit gruff in my manner there was not any harm meant, and that I am much obliged to him for picking up my books."

   "You make too much of a trifle," said I. "May I ask how you knew who I was?"

   Well, sir, if it isn't too great a liberty, I am a neighbour of yours, for you'll find my little bookshop at the corner of Church Street, and very happy to see you, I am sure. Maybe you collect yourself, sir. Here's British Birds, and Catullus, and The Holy War--a bargain, every one of them. With five volumes you could just fill the gap on that second shelf. It looks untidy, does it not, sir?"

   I moved my head to look at the cabinet behind me. When I turned again, Sherlock Holmes was standing smiling at me across my study table. I rose to my feet, stared at him for some seconds in utter amazement, and then it appears that I must have fainted for the first and last time in my life. Certainly a gray mist swirled before my eyes, and when it cleared I found my collar-ends undone and the tingling after-taste of brandy upon my lips...

   He sat opposite to me, and lit a cigarette in his old, nonchalant manner. He was dressed in the seedy frockcoat of the book merchant, but the rest of that individual lay in a pile of white hair and old books upon the table. 

Have you read Sherlock Holmes?? Do you remember this story? Comment and share your thoughts!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Join the Theme Challenge (A Writing Challenge)!

Hello! Apologies and all for infrequent posting lately. I blame school. And Pinterest.

Anyways,  I'm here to recommend a writing challenge to you all. It's called the Theme Challenge. Ilse hosts it at her lovely blog, Ilse the Imaginer. She assigns a monthly theme, and we, her readers, write a short(2-6 paragraphs) story off of it. Here's where she introduces the challenge, and here's where you can find the newest theme. Savvy?

Please go check it out! Thank you.

I'll write more soon.

Bye. :)