Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Get To Know Me Tag

Ahhhhhh, four weeks and a half till my school year ends!!!

(I just had to say that. How long do you all have left in the school year?)

Anyways, Morgan has tagged me for the Get To Know Me Tag! Thank you, Morgan!!



Vital Stats

Name: Meredith May Johnson 

Nicknames: Mer :) 

Place of Birth: Pennsylvania


Award: I don't remember my first legit reward, but I remember getting medals from the library after the summer reading program! :) 

Sport: gymnastics

Real Holiday: Thanksgiving(?)

Concert: I really don't know...sorry! ;) 


Film: What?? ;) If I absolutely had to pick one, Return of the King.

Tv Show: Downton Abbey, even if I only am mid-Season 3

Color: Teal? Maybe....

Song: I really couldn't say. Maybe something from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe soundtrack. 

Restaurant: I really like IHOP. But oddly enough, I'm not really into going out for dinner.

Books: Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, Anne of Green Gables, Les Misérables, Ella Enchanted, and Sherlock Holmes, among many others...


Feeling: Tired and worried because I know about a certain death in Downton Abbey that happens at the end of Season 3 and just nooooooo

Me watching Downton :D 

Single or Taken: Single! :D 

Eating: Last thing I ate was... lentil soup. 

Watching: Downton Abbey(in case you hadn't figured that one out yet!), and I ordered Seven Brides for Seven Brothers from the library

Wearing: teal socks, jeans, and a grey and white striped shirt. 


Want Children: Sure! ;) 

Want to Be Married: As with having children, if it's God's will

Careers in Mind: piano teacher, writer, librarian, maybe even a college professor

Where You Want To Live: No idea! Probably somewhere in the USA, but you never know! 

Do You Believe In...

God: Yes. 

Miracles: Yep! 

Love At First Sight: sometimes

Ghosts: Like the Opera Ghost? No. 

Aliens: Eh, I haven't fully ruled out the possibility, but it doesn't seem likely.

Heaven: Yes. 

Hell: Yes. 

Yourself: Only as far as I believe in what God can do through me. :) 

So there you go! If you'd like to take the tag, it's all yours! :)

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Ella Enchanted Book Review

Gahhhh, this book. I chose it for the Hardcore Re-reading Challenge because it was short, easy, and I wanted to like it more than I had the first time. And I did! 

So pretty, isn't it?

Ella was cursed to obedience at birth by a foolish fairy, Lucinda. To cope with the compulsory obedience, Ella adopts an independent(and sometimes spiteful) spirit. This leads to more sass and revenge than I prefer in my heroines, but it was natural and not too over-the-top. (If you want to see my ideal Cinderella, watch the 2015 version.) 

Besides her curse, Ella's mother has died, and her father... well, he's like Mr. Wickham stripped of his surface charm. Scary, right? 

This leaves her with two people she can trust--Molly(her cook and fairy godmother) and Char(the prince). 

Following the death of her mother, the father seeks a new wife. He settles on a greedy widow with two daughters--Hattie and Olive. They're absolutely awful. Eventually they become the stepmother and stepsister figures of the story.

But the prince is great. He's no cardboard Prince Charming; he's like a real person and once he even revealed his flaws to Ella. 

The conflict comes to a peak when he proposes after Ella has realized that marrying him would be dangerous. An enemy of the kingdom could command her to kill the prince and she'd have to do it. 

Anyways, the characters act believably, the writing flows smoothly, and the romance progresses enchantingly. It's a beautiful little novel and well worth the re-read. 

Favorite Character: Ella
Age Recommendation: 8+
Rating: 5 stars

Monday, March 7, 2016

Book Review: Moby Dick

Well, I've read Moby Dick. It was simultaneously clever, boring, weird, deep, ridiculous, unfocused, and confusing.

Goodreads Synopsis:
In part, Moby-Dick is the story of an eerily compelling madman pursuing an unholy war against a creature as vast and dangerous and unknowable as the sea itself. But more than just a novel of adventure, more than an encyclopaedia of whaling lore and legend, the book can be seen as part of its author's lifelong meditation on America. Written with wonderfully redemptive humour, Moby-Dick is also a profound inquiry into character, faith, and the nature of perception.

(I chose Moby Dick for Lois's monthly Classics Challenge, as February's category was "a book I dreaded".)


Looking back, I think recently finishing Les Misérables had given me the false impression that I could both read and enjoy a novel of any length or difficulty within a set time period.

It seems that was wrong.

Now, while Moby Dick suffered from its faults, it can certainly boast some good factors:

1). Herman Melville's Writing

Here, just read this: At length the breathless hunter came so near his seemingly unsuspecting prey, that his entire dazzling hump was distinctly visible, sliding along the sea as if an isolated thing, and continually set in a revolving ring of finest, fleecy greenish foam. 

2). The Symbolism

Melville presented an allegory of one of mankind's most repeated and often subconscious quest. That is, the quest to conquer God. R. C. Sproul writes,

Other scholars have been convinced that the whale is not a symbol of evil but the symbol of God Himself. In this interpretation, Ahab’s pursuit of the whale is not a righteous pursuit of God but natural man’s futile attempt in his hatred of God to destroy the omnipotent deity. I favor this second view. 
3). The Foreshadowing

From early in the narrative to mere pages before the end, Melville allowed varied hints toward the outcome of it all to scare the reader without wholly revealing the ending.

The Bad Elements: 

1). The Tangents

The first 400 pg. were around(if not more) one third digression. Not the best way to engage your readers.

2). The Metaphors

Some were good, but some were definitely a little extravagant. :)

3). The Changing Narration

First, Ishmael narrated in first person, then it shifted to third person and he completely faded from the story, then he reappeared to relate the last paragraph. Weird.

So, if nothing else, I'm glad I read this because it's a classic and unquestionably a challenge, but I didn't really enjoy it, nor do I plan to re-read it anytime soon.

Favorite Character: Queequeeg
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Have any of you read MD, and what did you think??