Monday, May 2, 2016

Anne of Green Gables Book Review

Another book review! I chose this, partially because I want to read all the Anne books this summer, and partially for the Re-Reading challenge.

I've been doing more re-reading this year than I (probably) have in my whole life, and there's lots more I'm still hoping to re-read, so be prepared for future re-read reviews. (alliteration!)

Anne of Green Gables (Anne of Green Gables, #1)

If a revival of the French Revolution had never happened and Tolkien had never tried his hand at writing, Anne of Green Gables just might be my favorite book EVER. Or the series as a whole, I'm not sure.

It's just...

Firstly, although she is flawed like any main character should be, Anne is a role model I and any teen/tween readers should strive to be more like. She can be vain, and her theology is poor(she thinks women would be good pastors?), but she's also hard-working, amiable, self-sacrificial, grateful, earnest, smart, and accomplished.

In fact, of every fictional character ever penned, I haven't found anyone who's character resembles mine better than hers does. We're so similar in so many ways! Maybe that's why I like to read this book...

Out of curiosity, I scrolled through some of the one-star reviews on Goodreads to get an idea of what people don't like about it and try to address them.

The most predominant complaint was that it was boring. Really, I don't think it is. :)

Another was that Anne was too vain and flawed. Maybe she is, but that's what makes for such a beautiful character arc!

Anyways, this is one of my favorite books ever written, and I look forward to reading and reviewing the future series' members!

Rating: 5 stars
Favorite Character: Anne


  1. Awesome review!! Honestly, after reading this makes me want to read Anne of Green Gables!! I would like to read it someday. Sounds like a wonderful book!! :D

    1. Thanks! Morgan, you have to read it!! :D

  2. I've been reading my way through the series this year, and loving it so much! Haven't read most of them in probably close onto 20 years, and I'm excited by how much I'm remembering :-)

    I've never understood the "Anne is too perfect" and "Anne is too flawed" criticisms. She feels like a well-rounded character to me. Hmm.

    1. For various reasons, I never got past the first three books, but I LOVE everything I've read by her, so I know I'll enjoy reading the whole series. :D

      I don't understand them either! She's a little unrealistically advanced in her vocab., but still well-rounded, in my opinion.


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