Sunday, May 15, 2016

Goals For Last Week- How I Did

Thank you to those who commented and provided the accountability to finish (most) of the goals on my list! (Also, I realize this is a day late, but everything that was finished was finished Sat. or before)

~Complete A Tale of Two Cities, Anne of Avonlea, and Guardians of Ga'Hoole.

Yup! AoA was after midnight on Sat., but it counts anyways. :)

~Start A Passage to India.

Yes, and it's dreadfully boring so far...

~Watch an episode of Doctor Who

Not too tricky! I watched The Girl in the Fireplace.

~Watch Sense and Sensibility'95.

Mmmm, well, I started it, and *ahem* only finished about a third. In my defense, my mom and I are watching it together, and she didn't have time for much more. But I do like it, and isn't it a dreadful coincidence that two actors went on to play Harry Potter villains?

~Practice piano for 150 minutes.

I'm working on a Mozart sonata, Bach's Inventio 8, and score analysis.

~Practice violin. 

My first ever violin lesson was Wednesday! I'm so excited! :D 

~Post a review of Peter Pan.

Right here!

~Make my bed every morning.

Every day? Yes. Every morning? Not quite. (So I'm going to go ahead and cross it out anyways.)

~Spend 3 hours on Math and 40 min. on Latin. 

~Take some pictures with my camera. 

A few. I also spent a while with the camera, videoing myself for a series of Henle Latin videos I'm hoping to upload to Youtube.

~Try a Pinterest recipe. 

Yesss! I made Oreo brownies. :D

~Cross-stitch for 10 min. every day. 

~Hold spending time on the computer or my phone until after lunch. 

Minus helping my sister find a Youtube video, quickly looking something up, and the like-- yes.

~Make the Star Wars music my phone ringtone.

The easiest item on my list and I forgot! Tragic.


Additionally, I saw Captain America:Civil War! :D :D Has anyone else seen it and what did you think??


  1. I LOVED Civil War!! But then again I love all of the Captain America movies!! =D They're so awesome!! <3 How'd you like it?

    1. Yay! They're the best of Marvel in my opinion. Which is your favorite?

      I thought there needed to be a little more room to breathe between the scenes of top-speed action and the language needed to be a little toned down, but otherwise the makers did really well. I love how it makes the audience think.

  2. I haven't seen Captain America 3. (actually, I haven't even seen 2.) :(

    Wow! That's a lot of goals. And you did so many! :o I should try this...

    1. Captain America: The First Avenger is the best, in my opinion, but the others are good too!

      Thanks! It wasn't as impressive as it looks, haha. xD


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