Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Characters I Pity Who Don't Deserve It

(Many thanks to the Newsies cast and Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack for the audio entertainment they provided during the making of this post :D)

It doesn't seem this needs much introduction; the title should explain it all. Enjoy!

Thomas Barrow(Downton Abbey)--

Thomas Barrow, is the most "tricksy and false" character ever birthed in the history of television. The thing with him is that most of the bad things that happen to him are his own doing.



If you don't want to be shortchanged out of a lot of money, don't purchase a shed-full of illegally purchased food.

If you don't want your friends to be suspicious of you, don't kidnap Lord Grantham's dog.

And if you don't want to be blackmailed, don't go into evil cahoots with an equally evil lady's maid.

But then the occasional something sad will happen that isn't his fault, like when Sybil died and *End of Spoilers* he'll start crying, and I'll forget all of the terrible things he ever did and POOR THOMAS. POOR, POOR THOMAS.

He's tricky like that. :)

Smeagol/Gollum(Lord of the Rings)- 

My preccciiiiouuuussss 

For those of you who haven't had the immense and incandescently perfect pleasure of watching or reading the works of Tolkien(and for those of you who don't like Tolkien-- it's okay, I still like you :D), Gollum is a hobbit-like creature who stumbled on a magic ring-- a ring is so powerful and enticing that he ended up murdering for its possession and eventually became an outcast of society.

He's always controlled by his passion for the ring, which leads him into doing some really nasty things. Obviously, it's his fault for not exercising self control, but you still feel bad for him, especially with all the abuse he receives at the hands of Mordor and even Sam. :(


Oh, Dustfinger. He's simultaneously selfish and selfless. He was one of the best characters in the book and his actor, Paul Bettany, made the movie worth finishing. 

I just really liked him, okay? :)

Mary Bennet(Pride and Prejudice)- 

She's the one on the right, if you haven't seen it. :) 

Of all the characters here, she's the most moral. She even reads theology volumes for fun! (No offense if you do that too, I don't mind the infrequent theology book myself :) )

But what makes her not so awesome is that she's really very stuck-up and stand-off(ish). She prioritizes books over getting to know people, and would probably be a terrible mother. If she even found some guy willing to marry her.

But poor Mary regardless, because I relate to her in many ways. :)

Anakin Skywalker(Darth Vader from Star Wars)-

I find your lack of faith...disturbing.

Darth Vader. The iconic villain. He's murdered hundreds, maybe thousands, of people, nearly including his own son.

Just. I actually really pity him. You know the scene with the Emperor, Darth Vader, and Luke in Return of the Jedi? Besides being one of the most...I dunno, powerful? moments to ever grace the cinematic screen, it really opens a view into Darth Vader's character and pain.

Lady Edith-

Another Downton character! Coincidence? I think not.

Like Thomas, Edith just can't get it right. Every time I turn around, she's making another bad decision, especially in the later seasons. :/ She seriously gravitates towards the worst suitors ever.  *Spoilers* One dumped her during their wedding. *End of Spoilers* 

She's pathetically foolish, but some of her misery isn't her fault, like the way Lady Mary ceaselessly bites at her("I'd rather sleep on the roof than share a room with Edith").

Poor Edith.


So that's that! The five most pathetic and pitiable characters I can think of.

Who are some characters who've unfairly won your pity? 


  1. The Phantom was the first character I thought of. He's the least deserving of pity in the entire book-world, and yet I pity him.
    Interesting post!

    1. The Phantom! Why didn't I think of him? He's horrible, but pitiable at the same time... Wow, that should've been a no-brainer. Don't know how I forgot him!

      Thank you, KB!

  2. I think at some level we're all SUPPOSED to pity Gollum. I think I probably pity him a bit too little, especially movie-version especially since I know he is treacherous in the end. In the books it's a little easier to pity him, especially that scene where he almost repents </3

    A character I pity but shouldn't? Gosh darn it, Russel Crow! Somehow he managed to make me feel bad for Javert. Just...I don't know...I'm disappointed in myself for that one, haha.

    Javert and Valjean both had moments where they "stare into the void" as the song says, but Valjean is strong enough to tip onto the good side, while for Javert "there is nowhere I can turn, there is no way to go on" and that just makes me feel badly. Maybe if he had a friend he could have had someone to turn to in his time of need. *wipes tear*

    Man, I really should NOT feel bad for him. Darn.

    1. Yeah. I think he's supposed to be the special anti-hero of the story. "</3" is right. :( I was devastated when I found out he died.

      Hehe, I thought of Javert, but didn't add him because it's more the case with Russel Crowe's Javert than Hugo's. I didn't really feel too bad for Javert in the book:) Well...his last song is pretty sad. I'll give him that. And Russel Crowe executed it perfectly. The way he slowly fell off the ledge... *sigh*

      I think maybe the reason you pity him and I don't is that you watched the movie first, and I watched it after the book.

    2. Yeah, I think you're right. I definitely didn't like book-Javert, but just the tiniest smidgen of Russel Crow's Javert slid into my interpretation of him which softened him a bit. Bottom line: I don't pity book-Javert, but I feel bad for movie-Javert.

  3. "Immense and incandescently perfect pleasure" is the best phrase I've read in a long time. Also it's the perfect description of reading Tolkien. Thank you. :D

    1. Aww, thanks!! I needed the opportunity to use the word "incandescently". :D


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