Friday, July 1, 2016

"Jo's Boys" and "The Skipping Shoes" Reviews

Last two reviews for the June Louisa May Alcott challenge, hosted by Tarissa @In The Bookcase!

Louisa May Alcott Reading Challenge ... JUNE 2016

Besides Little Women Next Door, the two LMA stories I chose were Jo's Boys and The Skipping Shoes.

Jo's Boys: 

372319Before opening Jo's Boys, criticism from friends and Goodreads had set my expectations low. But happily, these expectations were met and exceeded! Little Women and Little Men are some of my favorite books/stories/movies ever and have been for (wow) a little over half of my life.

Jo's Boys wasn't as good in originality or humor as the former two novels, but it provided satisfying(or not, in some cases) conclusions to the stories of the Alcott family and friends. :)

There were also some fairly dramatic scenes which kept me entertained beyond the curiosity which was instilled by reading LW and LM.

My biggest dissatisfaction in LMA's works is her excessive moralizing. To me, she overrides solid, Biblical gospel truths with moral tales and sermons. But, although I don't agree with her worldview, there's still something wholesome in reading her moral lectures.

Rating: 4 stars

Skipping Shoes

Since I didn't have time for another full-length book, I found a (very)short story of Ms. Alcott's for my last selection.

I'd read it before for a 4th grade literature assignment, but that was some years ago, so it was fun to re-enjoy something different from her.

Skipping Shoes is the story of a pair of shoes that forces its wearer to do the right thing in every circumstance. It's a clever little story, and though still drenched in LMA's familiar moralizing, fresh with its unfamiliar fantasy element.

It only took me about ten minutes to read(and I'm a slow reader), so if you'd ever like to sample a short LMA tidbit, check it out! It's available for free on the internet.


  1. Ooh-I've read Jo's Boys but not Skipping Shoes. It sounds interesting.

    1. It's definitely weird, but you might like it! :)

  2. Ooh, I haven't read Skipping Shoes, but it sounds like a cute little story. I'm glad to hear you read Jo's Boys, as it's always so nice to know someone took the time to read the whole Little Women trilogy. You're a dedicated reader. :) I enjoyed the stories of the boys in the final book; it was good fun.

    I'm soooo glad you joined the LMA reading challenge this year, Meredith.

    Oh, and happy 4th!

    1. It is! There are a lot of LMA short stories I'd like to read sometime. Hehe, well it took me "half my life" like I said, but I'm glad I finally finished it off! It's not as boring as people made it sound.

      Thank you! I'm grateful I got the opportunity to finally finish the March trilogy and delve a little further into the life and works of Louisa May Alcott. :)

      Yes-- you, too! :D


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