Friday, August 12, 2016

"I Grew Up With" Tag

My bloggy friend, KB, tagged me for the "I Grew Up With" tag! Clearly I'm not grown up yet, being a high-schooler and all, but I think I should have enough material to fill this out!

To make it easier on myself, I'll restrict my answers to my early elementary school life. :)


1) Use the tag picture. (optional)

2). Answer the questions.

3). Tag (at least) two other bloggers. 

Well then!

Book Characters I Grew Up With(list as many as you want!):

~Belle(Beauty and the Beast

~Dorothy(The Wizard of Oz)



~Jo March(Little Women)

Family Food I Grew Up With(at least three things, can be seasonal, and not always 'favorites'):

~Swedish wafer cookies

~salmon! (well, we do live in Alaska, after all) 



TV Show I Grew Up With: 

I watched pretty much no tv shows when I was little. But when I got older, we started watching The Cosby Show. For awhile it was kind of our go-to choice when we were going to watch something. 

Careers I Wanted While I Was Growing Up: 

I wanted to be lots of things. One of them was someone who worked in an orphanage. I was inspired by Little Men, even though that wasn't exactly an orphanage. 

I also wanted to be a writer, a teacher, or an Olympian. 


I tag: Abby and anyone who has read a book in the last 24 hours. :D 


  1. Winnie-the-Pooh! Yessssss!

    Wow, you wanted to be an Olympian?! I find that impressive :D

    Fun answers! Hope you're doing well <3

    1. Indeed! The books *and* movies were both so cute. :)

      Well, when I was eight I did. xD I've since realized how un-athletic I am and dropped such aspirations, but it was my dream for a bit. :D

      Thank you! Awww, I am! Thanks for asking. :)

  2. You live in Alaska? I want to visit there someday. :) And Canada. I grew up in Minnesota, but I've never been to Canada.
    I've tagged you.
    But of course it's completely optional. :)

    1. Quite! :) Ahh, I wish we visited Canada more, but the one time we did it was pretty cool.

      Thanks for the tag! I'm trying to intersperse tags with other sorts of posts, so it may be awhile till it's up, but I will fill it out eventually! :D


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