Saturday, August 20, 2016

Summer Reading Goals: How I Did

*waves regretfully* 

It looks as though summer is saying its goodbyes, folks. Which means the odd delight of school supply shopping, the convenience of schedule, and the challenge of re-orienting are greeting you. 

Or, they're running at you in a full-on sprint while you're still clinging to summer. Either way, we aren't going to dodge them for long.  

But it also means that I should talk about how I did with the summer reading goals I posted a few months ago. 

I was going for completing six categories. Here are the finished ones: 

~A Book From An Author I've Never Read Before- Ivanhoe. I'm disappointed that I didn't enjoy it much(and hence the call for a re-read someday). I really wanted to like it. :/ 

~A Book I've Been Meaning to Read for Years- The Great Divorice. Also somewhat a let-down.

~A Sci-Fi Novel- Cinder! Along with its sequel, Scarlet

~An American Classic- Jo's Boys. You can check out my review, right here

~An Intriguing Picture Book- Elsie Times Eight. Ehh. The reason it was intriguing is that it's authored by Natalie Babbit, whom we can thank for Tuck Everlasting. But this particular picture book was mostly just weird. 

~A Book from a Series I Haven't Finished Yet- Anne's House of Dreams, Anne of Ingleside, and Rainbow Valley. I think when I finish the last book I'll post a review of the whole series. 

My aim was to branch out and finally read those books I keep failing to get around to, and I think I mostly accomplished that. I branched out by trying The Lunar Chronicles and the picture book, and pounced on those other evasive titles. 

The categories I have left to still read are: 

~A Christian Romance Novel

~A MG novel

~A Mystery Novel

~A Best-Seller

~A Non-Fiction Book on a Topic I Haven't Studied Before

~A Humorous Book

~A Book Published Less Than A Year Ago

~A Mystery Novel

~Something by Steven Lawhead

~A Book I'd Been Unfairly Prejudiced Against

~A Book One of My Siblings Likes

~A Book That I Started And Never Finished


It's my goal to finish this list by the end of the year. So at the end of the December, or when I finish the list, I will tell you all which books I picked!

Were there any books you read which were out of your default reading categories this summer? Did you get any of those books you've been meaning to read since forever? How was your summer?? 

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