Friday, August 26, 2016

The Underrated Characters of Downton Abbey

We all love Sybil, Lady Grantham, and (duh) Matthew, but there are plenty of other characters often left to the backdrop of the story who I think are pretty awesome.

So here they are-- the five most underrated members of Downton:

*spoilers for season 2* 

5. Mrs. Crawley 

"I would be foolish to accuse you of being unprofessional since you've never had a profession in your life." 

I love this woman. She can be very rude and forward, which I do not admire, but I completely respect the way she throws herself into whatever her caring spirit finds to do. And her banter with the Dowager is hugely amusing.

her aruging-with-Cora face

4. Mrs. Hughes

"Now why didn't the poets come to you, Mr. Carson? They'd have saved themselves a lot of time and trouble." 

Everyone downstairs is like a big family in a way. (Except Thomas and Ms. O'Brien who mostly do their own thing.) And Mrs. Hughes is the cozy yet efficient aunt-figure of the metaphorical downstairs family. She's someone I feel I could always bring my problems to. 

3. Wiliam Mason

"I believe in this war. I believe in what we're fighting for and I want to do my bit."

When Matthew and he fought in the war together.

His "romance" with Daisy is super sweet even though she doesn't exactly return the favor. And he goes off to fight like the other gallant male characters(minus Thomas, who isn't gallant). Plus he plays piano, as Naomi pointed out, and if that's not an attribute to recommend someone, I don't know what is. ;) 

2. Alfred Nugent 

It's somewhat incredible that such a close relation of Mrs. O'Brien's can be so much friendlier. Alfred is quiet and stays out of trouble for the most part, which makes him easily forgettable. But I like him a lot. Unlike fellow footmen Jimmy and Thomas, he's sincere and passionate about his interest(cooking). 

I'm looking forward to seeing his actor, Matt Milne, in War Horse

1. Daisy 

She can be super annoying, I know. 

But besides her stubbornness and restless disposition, I actually respect her. The girl wakes up at 4 every morning, does chores, rouses the other servants, does more chores upstairs, recluses back downstairs before anyone from upstairs see her(perish the thought!!), prepares tasty food she can't eat, does even more chores, worries about Alfred/William/Mr. Mason/studying math, and goes to bed. 

That's pretty much her life. And how often do you hear her complaining about not getting enough sleep or working harder than anyone else? (hint: pretty much never) :D 


Oh, and one honorable mention: Mr. Molesley. He's pretty great. 

Who are your favorite underrated characters? 

Thank you, Naomi for the wonderful Downton week! I wish I could've posted more, but everything was fun, nonetheless! :) 


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