Sunday, August 7, 2016

Would You Rather: Olympics Edition

I was so happy to see that Cordy created this because during the opening ceremony I was looking for some excuse to talk about the Olympics. :) 

I love the Olympics, despite being completely uninterested in sports at any other time. Watching individuals who have devoted themselves to a passion makes me really happy. :) It's also beautiful to see athletes from all corners of the world coming together peacefully and in good will. 

But onto the questions! 

Would you rather preform in the opening ceremony of the hosting country (you can pretend your country is hosting), or carry your nation's flag as everyone walks in during the opening ceremonies? Definitely perform in the opening ceremony. Because I'm so un-athletic, I'd feel wrong carrying the flag, but I'd love to participate in the festivities surrounding the country's history.  

Would you rather have to play a game of beach volleyball, or water polo?
Beach volleyball! Water polo would probably kill me. :/ I've always wanted to try volleyball, even though I'd probably be terrible at it. 

Would you rather run, or swim, in a relay?

Swim for sure. I was on the local swim team for a few years, so I know some of the swimming jargon. And swimming is just more fun than running. 

Would you rather participate in archery or the javelin throw?
Archery! Five words: Robin Hood, Queen Susan, and Legolas. 

Would you rather high dive, or execute a synchronized swimming routine?

Probably the synchronized swimming. The individual pressure of diving would be...bad.

Would you rather be on a rowing or sailing team? (In sailing, they sometimes have teams.)

I don't even really know the difference! Sailing sounds fun(?). 

Would you rather fence or preform in an equestrian event?

Ooh, I'd have to go with fencing. 

Two words: Inigo Mintoya

Would you rather do the poll jump or preform on the (gymnastics) uneven bars?
Poll jump! 

When you were younger, was there an Olympic sport that you always wanted to compete in? Which was it? 

Definitely! I wanted to compete in swimming, gymnastics, or volleyball. I even considered archery for a little bit. I probably wanted to do gymnastics most, but, needless to say, those aspirations didn't really pan out. xD

Thanks for the fun questions, Cordy!!


  1. AH!A Princess Bride reference!!! XD XD
    -Mic from Mic's Room (

  2. :) I just watched The Princess Bride for the first time. Loved it!!

    1. You did?! I'm so glad you loved it. Everyone should watch The Princess Bride. :)

  3. Haha, Inigo Montoya... I get it XD

    Great answers! I found myself agreeing to a lot of your answers! :D

    1. Hi, Fawnabelle! Hehe, I'm glad you do. Wouldn't it be sad to have never seen The Princess Bride? ;)

      Thank you! Well I'm glad they weren't too weird then. :)

    2. Yes it would be sad. Considering that I am homeschooled and every homeschooler knows that movie! I have not met a homeschooler that hasn't seen that movie lol :D

  4. *gives you a high-five for the answer of the 4th question*

    1. Thank you!! They're definitely reason to pursue archery, aren't they?

  5. Water polo would probably kill me too! XD It's funny you thought of that, I just can't trend water for an extended period of time but then they want me to handle a ball? Uh-uh!

    Yeeesss! Swimming is ten times better than running!

    Loved your reasons for archery and fencing. I agree with you on both!

    I really liked what you said about the Olympics before you started answering the questions. They are really cool when you come to think about them. :)


    1. 'Twould be a nightmare! ;) I'm not sure if this is true, but I remember hearing that of all the Olympic sports, water polo requires the most physical fitness.


      Hehe, I couldn't help throwing in a couple references!

      Aren't they? I've been getting lots of chills this time. I think it's because I'm understanding the awesomeness of it all better than when I was younger. And because the American athletes are just so fun! :D

      Thanks for commenting and writing the questions!


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