Monday, September 5, 2016

My Summer Summed In A Collaboration of Grainy Phone Pictures

I need a substitute for "collaboration", you guys. I use it a lot, so give me some alternatives(...please).

Anyways, I had a wonderful summer, and the pictures to prove it! There were some disappointments, including only finishing about 80% of my "before-August-ends" goals and spending more time than I should have on the internet, but overall it was lovely and brim-full of happy memories. I've gathered some pictures and some summer-y tidbits interspersed.

Without further ado,

^^One of my corkboard collages. I was hugely proud of it. See the picture of Carrie Fisher hugging a stormtrooper on the right? Isn't that the cutest? And the Enjolras/Marius/Eponine picture on the left? :D It makes me very happy.

(Oh and don't miss Anne and Gilbert at the top. <3)

Oh, and I think this is the first time for me to show you all a picture of my face, so...yeah. :p #alwaysafirst

Book Highlights of the Summer(Re-Reads Excluded) 

~A Tale of Two Cities(I wish I'd been more awake when I read this, but I'm pretty sure I'll love it as a re-read)

~Tuck Everlasting

~Cinder and Scarlet

~The Lunar Chronicles

~War and Peace(not a favorite, necessarily, but at least a highlight)

~Anne's House of Dreams



^^Meeting Mr. Paolini! :) (This picture doesn't capture, however, the extensive line that choked the Barnes & Nobles shelves and took hours to finish. *ahem*)

Best Movies of the Summer: 

~Sense and Sensibility'95

~Anne of Green Gables

~The Walk(if you can get past the PG content warning and utter stupidity of the main character, you Must See This Movie)

~Captain America: Civil War


~The Empire Strikes Back

(Re-watches are obviously the best, considering that 2/3 of these are movies I'd already seen)

"At the top, at the top, at the top of the world, my head and heart are pounding.  I'm alive and I am free, so look at meeeee, at the topppp of the wooorld!"~Tuck Everlasting: The Broadway Musical :D


When THIS is your gym. <3

Oh, and another picture from that same hike(but on a different day) which I shall caption "gym selfie". When THIS is your gym. :) (look at that! I'm wearing the same shirt here as in the first picture. I promise I have other shirts. ;) )

sunsets and persistent fishermen trying for salmon

Musical Highlights: 

~starting to learn violin

~playing my first Chopin piece

~getting somewhat addicted on Studio C's Mockingjay parodies

~listening to Hamilton, Newsies, and Tuck Everlasting tons

Finally checked off one of my bucket list items and ordered under a fake name! The barista's response: "Seriously?(pauses for me to tell the truth, hears the truth and continues...) Because when I was in fifth grade, I wrote in my journal, 'I want my name to be Hermione Granger'".

You know what guys, I've found a kindred spirit. :)

(And I did tell her the truth eventually.)

Here, just let me save up a few million dollars, then I'll buy a house there.

Miscellaneous Highlights: 

~having family friends visit and doing all the Alaskan stuff with them

~having a group of college kids we'd never met before over at house for a week to help with our homeschool conference

~completing a Downton Abbey marathon

~becoming a Studio C fan

~converting two other friends to the Studio C "fandom"

~finishing at least half a dozen hikes

~getting to see a world-class pianist perform at our church

~finding time to meet up with friends

~watching The Olympics: Simone Manuel is my new favorite athlete. She's 1). smiley and bubbly(got my priorities straightened out here), 2). talented(well, clearly), and 3). a Christian. Watch this and I reallly wish I could find a good video of the interview afterwards, but I can't. I just love that she immediately gave the glory to God and was so happy to have the gold medal. :D

Perfecting our selfie skills. (I'm 95% sure she'd be okay with my posting this.)

See, we're not terrible at selfies!

Beautiful ice cream cone and a rare display of successful Pinterest nail art. (Not a phone picture.)

Oh yeah, and some of these aren't phone pictures; there were just too many good pictures from the camera to not include them.

Ripstiking! (This picture was actually taken last summer, but that's okay.)

To quote Lizzy Bennet, "What are men to rocks and mountains?"

Though not without its shortcomings and disappointments, summer was great!!

How was y'all's summer? What were you favorite books and movies of the summer? 


  1. Oh no, why didn't you like War and Peace?
    Also, that's a fabulous photo of a delicious looking ice cream cone :D

    1. Oh, well, I wouldn't say that I disliked it, but I wouldn't say that it was my favorite either. I would have liked a little more drive. But I did enjoy parts of it! I certainly didn't hate it.

      Thank you! :D

    2. Oh yeah, I see what you mean. Also I realized I already knew why you didn't like it because I read your review so why did I even ask again....who knows what's going on in my head? XD
      You're welcome!

    3. Well my review wasn't super conclusive either, so it makes sense. xD

  2. Awesome post! I like your title but since you asked for other words than "collaboration": maybe "collection," *pulls up internet thesaurus* "combination," "fraternization," "alliance" (really like that one) or "collusion."

    Or maybe even "aggregation," although that sounds kind of gross. xD

    And you are now Hermione Granger! YES!!! Now I have to muster the courage to do that. 0.o

    1. Thanks!! "Alliance" and "aggregation" are good ones. I should have just consulted the thesaurus like you did, but I took the lazy way out. ;p

      I'll answer to that. ;) Yes, you should!

  3. I think you mean "collection" or "assortment". Do those work?
    One of my favorite books from this summer was "The Mysterious Benedict Society." Once in a while, it's good to just hang out with a great book for middle schoolers.

    1. "Assortment" is good. I like that. :D

      YES. I read that this summer too, but didn't mention it since it was a re-read. And hey, you're never too old for a good middle-school read. :)

  4. There's a musical of Tuck Everlasting? (I think "the world turned upside down" just now. :D )

    1. There is! You should check it out! :D

  5. Your nails are so cute in that picture :) :) :)

    1. Thank you!! I'm usually not very good at nail art, so I was surprised it actually turned out decently. xD

  6. AHHH, YOU'RE SO CUTE, MEREDITH!!! I love knowing what you look like now! :D You look really good in braces!

    *le gasp* Alaska looks so beautiful! I wish I could visit someday. *adds to bucket list* I'm especially stunned by that last picture. Wow. Just wow. <3

    STUDIO C. YES. Yay for converts to the fandom! :D (And The Hunger Games parodies. I haven't seen the movies or read the books, but I'm still obsessed with Studio C's parodies. ^_^)

    I love that you ordered a drink from Starbucks under the name "Hermione." XD I totally want to do that someday! Except...maybe I'll go by Arwen instead. ^_^

    That ice cream looks so gooood! Oh, and I love your nail art! How did you do that? :O

    This was such a fun post, Meredith! It looks like you had a blast this summer! :)

    1. *blushes* Thank you!! :D (And I actually really like braces; it's weird.)

      Alaska is VERY pretty. You should definitely visit someday.

      I'm very proud of converting my family, another family AND another friend to the fandom. This summer has been a success. ;) I haven't either but the parodies are basically the definition of epic.

      You should!! Maybe I'll try Eowyn someday.

      It was and thank you! I can send you the tutorial on Pinterest.

      Thank you again; I rather did! :D

  7. Er... do you mean "collage" instead of "collaboration?" To collaborate means to have two or more people working together on a project. A collage is a bunch of pictures stuck together that have some kind of theme.

    1. I did mean "collaboration", but more in the "collection" sense than what it probably actually means. :) So yes, I do need a better word!

    2. Assortment? Compilation? Assemblage?

    3. (Oh, and I've totally ordered at Starbucks under a fake name. If I'm there with my kids, I give my real name so they don't pipe up with comments on how that's not my name, but if I'm on my own, I order as Reid.)

    4. Those are good words! I'll have to remember them. :)

      That's awesome! I need to do that more often.


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