Monday, February 27, 2017

Recent Happenings

So far, 2017 has been pretty cool.

There was the initial holiday let-down at the beginning of January-- when school started again and we stopped listening to Christmas music 24/7--, but I "recovered" quickly. ;D

Now I feel content with the point of the year that we're at. The end of the school year is tolerably near and, following that, summer. Yay summer. :D Also my Beauty and the Beast Week is approaching, which is exciting.

It's always interesting to look back and think on where I was a year ago(which was Florida, by the way, so that's not always helpful). Or the things I was thinking about and the things I was doing.

So I thought I would share some of this year's-- the moods and things that have been happening in the last few weeks.

Star Wars Obsession 

Ever since I saw Rogue One for the second time, I've been in a big SW kick. And the release of Episode VIII's title and the anticipation of a trailer have only fed my enthusiasm. I re-watched A New Hope and The Force Awakens and bought a Rogue One poster and checked out a character encyclopedia from the library.

Also, I'm finally starting to "get" Star Wars limbo As much as I enjoyed the movies, I used to be shamefully ignorant of the Star Wars world and vocabulary, but because of this kick I'm learning it now. :D

Philippians 4

I've decided this is my favorite chapter of the Bible. It's encouraging but challenging and includes so many "famous" Bible verses.


I started listening to Twenty One Pilots. Crazy, because it's totally out of the genre that I usually enjoy. Totally. But despite its occasional darkness and *ahem* weirdness, I like it. Especially the Blurryface album.


~You've Got Mail soundtrack

I've been listening to this for as long as I can remember and it's still good. xD

~You Make Me Feel So Young by Frank Sinatra

I don't know what it is with this song.

~La La Land soundtrack

Alll the songs. City of Stars, Someone in the Crowd, and whenever I need motivation for whatever task is in front of me(be it starting school, cleaning the bathroom, or clearing the table), Another Day of Sun.


I bought a ukulele! It sounds so happy. :D

my ukulele and the Rogue One poster my siblings think is weird :D


We've had a LOT of snow this year and one can particularly enjoy it while taking a day-road trip.

I took pictures, but I'm pretty sure they look deceptively good because they're small. In reality, they're pretty blurry. xD The snow was gorgeous though.


As always. ;) 

Here are some of the best YouTube videos I watched this month...

Josh Taylor from Blimey Cow has his own Youtube account called Movie Trailer Trash for reviewing and discussing movies and movie trailers and it's really good.


What have been some highlights of your year? Do you have any snow? Do you ever experience "kicks" of enjoying a certain movie series? 

Friday, February 17, 2017

5 Reasons To Like Persuasion 2007

My small contribution to Hamlette's Jane Austen week, a Persuasion movie review:

Persuasion 2007 may be one of the more underrated Austen movies. It's a given that any period drama fan has probably seen both P&P movies and the'95 S&S, but poor Persuasion 2007 sits neglected in the corner.

But I like it. It's enjoyable and endearing, even if Sally Hawkins does look straight at the camera on multiple occasions and the ending almost resembles a chick-flick. are the top five reasons to watch(and like) Persuasion 2007...

5. The Length

With Sense and Sensibility '95 at 2 hours and 20 minutes, Sense and Sensibility '08 at about 3 hours, and Pride and Prejudice 1995 at almost 6 hours, it's convenient to find an Austen movie I can watch in a single evening. 93 minutes is the perfect run time for this movie-- not too rushed, not too tedious.

the main actors-- Rupert Penry-Jones and Sally Hawkins

4. The Thoroughness

But despite the abbreviated length, the movie fits in all the essential details and characters.

Captain Benwick could have been slightly better developed and I was sad to miss the lovely scene wherein Captain Wentworth gives his letter to Anne, but overall the necessities were there.

3. The Oceanside Shots

They are so pretty.

2. The Humor

Mary is hilarious. Absolutely obnoxious, but hilarious. And I laughed pretty hard at her poor husband, Mr. Musgrove as well.

1. The Tension

I've read the book and seen this movie before, but I still started to get a little nervous for the outcome towards the end.

Will Captain Wickham propose to Louisa? 

Will Anne catch Captain Wickham in time? 

That's one of the movie's strongest points-- its ability to re-involve me in a story I already know the outcome to.


Have you seen this version of Persuasion? What did you think? Did you like the casting choices? 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

I Love Austen Week Tag

Hamlette is hosting a marvelous Jane Austen week right now and I am filling out the accompanying tag. I'll also be posting a review of Persuasion 2007 soon as well, so keep your eyes peeled for that. ;)

1. Which did you experience first, a Jane Austen book or a movie based on one? 

A play based on one! My mom took me to a local Pride and Prejudice when I was young and afterwards I got about five pages into the book and lost interest. xD  

Later she hosted a Sense and Sensibility movie night for the women in our church and I read about a third of the book in "preparation". (I didn't actually finish a Jane Austen book till I was 13)

Sooo, it's hard to say. I'll say book, but I didn't finish it until after I'd seen the movie. 

2. What is your favorite Jane Austen book? 

Pride and Prejudice.

3. Favorite heroine? Why do you like her best?

Probably Elizabeth Bennet.

I appreciate how independent she is and that she finds humor in people, because I do to.

4. Favorite hero? Why do you like him best? 

Mr. Darcy. He's kind and earnest and humble(well, by the end), and, to think, 10,000 pounds a year! :)

5. Do you have a favorite film adaption of Austen's work? 

Pride and Prejudice 1995. I really like the 2005 as well, but Mr. Collins wins the 1995.

6. Have your Austen tastes changed over the years? (Did you start out liking one story best, but now like another better? Did you think she was boring at first, then changed your mind? Etc. 

Yep! When I was younger I approached Austen very gravely, reading Pride and Prejudice very slowly over the course of many months. (My mom had suggested it)

Then I watched the movies and found the humor lurking behind every chapter. I learned to appreciate the satire and now I eat up the pretty romances. :)

7. Do you have any cool Austen-themed things(mugs, t-shirts, etc.)? 

Well, here is my small Austen library, including the beautiful annotated P&P:


And the P&P 2005 poster on my bedroom door...

8. If you could ask Jane Austen one question, what would you ask her? 

This is a bit nosy, but I would ask her to describe her idea of a perfect husband and which of her fictional heroes most closely resembles him.

9. Imagine someone is making a new film of any Jane Austen story you choose, and you get to cast the leads. What story do you want filmed; and who would you choose to act in it?

Good question. I would request a new Sense and Sensibility, with...

Anna Popplewell as Marianne,

Anne Hathaway as Elinor(even if she is a little too old),

Isabelle Allan as Margaret,

Meg Ryan as Mrs. Dashwood,

Richard Armitage as Colonel Brandon,

Matt Milne as Edward Ferrars(I'm only 60% percent sure about this),


Tom Hiddleston as Mr. Willoughby.

That would be an awesome movie.

10. Share up to five Jane Austen quotations! 

Sir William: "There is nothing like dancing, after all. I consider it as one of the first refinements of polished societies."
Mr. Darcy: "Certainly, sir; and it has the advantage also of being in vogue amongst the less polished societies of the world; every savage can dance."

"You pierce my soul. I am half agony, half hope...I have loved none but you."~Captain Wentworth, Persuasion 

"She is tolerable, but not handsome enough to tempt me." ~Mr. Darcy

Mrs. Bennet: "You take delight in vexing me. You have no compassion for my poor nerves."
Mr. Bennet: "You mistake me, my dear. I have a high respect for your nerves. They are my old friends. I have heard you mention them with consideration these last twenty years at least." 

 "Your portion is unhappily so small that it will in all likelihood undo the effects of your loveliness and amiable qualifications. As I must therefore conclude that you are not serious in your rejection of me, I shall choose to attribute it to your wish of increasing my love by suspense, according to the usual practice of elegant females." ~Mr. Collins

What is your favorite Jane Austen story? Who do you think I should have chosen for Edward Ferrars? 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Sunshine Blogger Award

Hamlette kindly tagged me for the Sunshine Blogger Award! It's been a while since I've done a tag, so that was good timing actually.

1. What's the oldest TV show you've ever watched?
Hmmm, good question. It looks like Leave It To Beaver, which first aired in 1957, but I could be forgetting something.

2. What's the newest TV show you've ever watched?

That's hard to say, because I watch shows that are still airing, but, since we don't have cable, I usually watch seasons from a while ago. So right now I'll occasionally watch an episode of The Middle, which is a current show, but I'm watching a season from five or six years ago.

I guess when I watched Season 6 of Downton Abbey that was the most recent season of a show that I'd ever seen.

3. What's the oldest fiction book you've read?

Pilgrim's Progress, unless Beowulf or Sir Gawain and the Green Knight counts.

4. What's the newest fiction book you've read?

I'm usually not quick to jump on new releases, so probably Outlaws of Time by N. D. Wilson, which I read a month or so after its release in 2016.

5.  What's the oldest movie you've ever watched?
I don't know! Let me think... Possibly Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarves(1938).

I've also seen George Melies' A Trip To The Moon(1902), but I'm not sure if that counts, being a silent film and not full length.

I need to watch more old movies! Any recommendations?

6. What's the newest movie you've watched?

When I saw The Battle of Five Armies, it had been less than 24 hours in theaters, but right now the most recent movie I've seen is Rogue One.

7. What was the first blog you remember following?

I non-comitally followed a few blogs when I was younger, but the first blog that got me into this circle of bloggers was Lianne Taimenlore. After that I started following Olivia's Meanwhile in Rivendell and it was down the rabbit hole from there. :D

8. What's the blog you've started following the most recently?

Possibly Rachel's A Downton Abbey Fan-Girl.

9. What song did you really love when you were 10 years old?

I may not have been 10 exactly, but Hey Soul Sister by Train. xD

10. What song do you really love right now? 

You Make Me Feel So Young
by Frank Sinatra.


Thank you, Hamlette, for the tag!

I tag anyone who has seen a vintage movie in the last two weeks. Or anyone who wants the tag. :)

My Questions: 

1. What was the last movie you saw in theaters?
2. What song really annoys you?
3. If you could live in a different era and location for a year when and where would you choose?
4. What famous person would you really like to meet?
5. What would you buy with a $10 Starbucks gift card?
6. Which fictional character makes you really angry?
7. Which fictional character do you want to hug?
8. Name three characteristics you respect in people.
9. If your birthday were next week, what presents would you ask for?
10. What are some of your pet peeves?


Oh, and I'm sorry to anyone who tagged me for a tag I never did. I fully intended to, but it's been so long that I think I'll just start afresh.

Friday, February 10, 2017

La La Land Review(and Unmarked Spoilers)

"It's conflict and compromised: it's very, very exciting!" 

Two months and a day late. But I finally did it. I saw La La Land.

There was romance and colors and dancing and singing and movie references.

It was a grown-up High School Musical and an old-fashioned, feels-y, Friday night flick.

There are two prominent themes I found in La La Land: one of them I loved and the other I didn't. They were the concepts of 1). living in the moment and 2). pursuing impractical dreams.

Mia and Seb lived the moment, they loved the moment. A little foresight may have revealed the likelihood of separation to either of them, but they chose to ignore that.

One of my favorite songs, City of Stars, seems to well-embody the way they approached their relatiohship--

"Yes all we're looking for is love from someone else. A rush, a glance, a touch, a dance...

I don't care if I know just where I will go. Cause all that I need is this crazy feeling. A rat, tat, tat of my heart."

Or Start a Fire, where Keith sings...

"I don't care of this turns into a riot. Let's get reckless, tear this place down to the floor. Turn the music way up loud. Can't nobody stop us now. I just know I feel so good tonight.

 They chose to fall head-over-heels for each other and cohabitate and embrace the present. I'm all for seizing the moment, but not when it means repercussions later down the road. And sadly, there wasn't a lot to anchor their relationship, because once Mia got that dream job opportunity, it collapsed. They loved each other, but apparently not enough.

The "rat, tat, tat" of Mia's heart afforded her a lot of pain later when she decided to drop their future together for her own.

And secondly, La La Land wrestled the struggle of pursuing impractical dreams. I'm a total head-in-the-clouds sort of dreamer who'd love to land a career someday in line with my passions and interests. I'd love to be a writer, an editor, or a literature professor.

I got that and I loved that element of the movie. The nod to those who dream.

So in the end I guess you could say my experience with La La Land was like Mia and Sebastian's relationship: fun while it lasted, but in the end not something to wholly embrace.

(p.s. the music was amazing)

What did you think of La La Land? Do you think I'm being too harsh in my assessment of Mia and Sebastian's decisions? 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Beauty and the Beast Week Announcement, Dates, and Buttons


Some of you may remember that I mentioned hosting a Beauty and the Beast week this March.

I wanted it to happen around the time the new live-action movie was set for release. Well, I have dates set now: March 12-18(Sunday to Saturday). I'll publish a kick-off post Sunday evening, and a wrap-up post Saturday night.

There'll be a tag, a game or two, a review of the new movie(assuming I see it right when it comes out which I absolutely plan to do), and other Beauty and the Beast festivities. ;) And you are invited to write Beauty and the Beast-themed posts, so long as they are kept to PG content and you link them on my kick-off post.

The subject includes the cartoon Disney movie, the new Disney movie, the original fairy-tale, or any other movie/tv/book adaptions or re-tellings.

I made the following buttons, so if you think you are going to participate, you can add one of these to your sidebar(if you are so inclined). :) 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

"Shut Down All The Garbage Smashers On the Detention Level!"

That title has next to zero relevancy to the content of this post. But I used it because I wanted to quote a quote and because I'm re-watching A New Hope and because it probably made you curious what in the world is this post about?

This post is about the NEW Beauty and the Beast trailer. The third and last. You've probably already seen it. Let us fangirl together. :)

But if you haven't seen it then you must, and I am here to help you with that.

Here it is.

Well? Are you excited? Do you get chills? Didn't the Beast sound like Matthew Crawley? Weren't Luke Evans's facial expressions the best? 

Aaand, I have decided that, unless something unforeseen occurs to deter my plans, the Beauty and the Beast week I've been talking about will be from March 12-18. The movie comes out the 17th. so I'll hopefully have time to whip together a review of it before the week is over. 

I'll have a post soon announcing the details, complete with a button and any other necessities. 

Have a lovely February!