Friday, February 10, 2017

La La Land Review(and Unmarked Spoilers)

"It's conflict and compromised: it's very, very exciting!" 

Two months and a day late. But I finally did it. I saw La La Land.

There was romance and colors and dancing and singing and movie references.

It was a grown-up High School Musical and an old-fashioned, feels-y, Friday night flick.

There are two prominent themes I found in La La Land: one of them I loved and the other I didn't. They were the concepts of 1). living in the moment and 2). pursuing impractical dreams.

Mia and Seb lived the moment, they loved the moment. A little foresight may have revealed the likelihood of separation to either of them, but they chose to ignore that.

One of my favorite songs, City of Stars, seems to well-embody the way they approached their relatiohship--

"Yes all we're looking for is love from someone else. A rush, a glance, a touch, a dance...

I don't care if I know just where I will go. Cause all that I need is this crazy feeling. A rat, tat, tat of my heart."

Or Start a Fire, where Keith sings...

"I don't care of this turns into a riot. Let's get reckless, tear this place down to the floor. Turn the music way up loud. Can't nobody stop us now. I just know I feel so good tonight.

 They chose to fall head-over-heels for each other and cohabitate and embrace the present. I'm all for seizing the moment, but not when it means repercussions later down the road. And sadly, there wasn't a lot to anchor their relationship, because once Mia got that dream job opportunity, it collapsed. They loved each other, but apparently not enough.

The "rat, tat, tat" of Mia's heart afforded her a lot of pain later when she decided to drop their future together for her own.

And secondly, La La Land wrestled the struggle of pursuing impractical dreams. I'm a total head-in-the-clouds sort of dreamer who'd love to land a career someday in line with my passions and interests. I'd love to be a writer, an editor, or a literature professor.

I got that and I loved that element of the movie. The nod to those who dream.

So in the end I guess you could say my experience with La La Land was like Mia and Sebastian's relationship: fun while it lasted, but in the end not something to wholly embrace.

(p.s. the music was amazing)

What did you think of La La Land? Do you think I'm being too harsh in my assessment of Mia and Sebastian's decisions? 


  1. I never have seen La La Land. So I can't judge. Sorry.
    Loved your review though!!!!


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