Saturday, April 15, 2017

Cinematic Excursions: March

I know this is pretty late, but I wanted to highlight all of the movies I saw in March and make monthly movie-updates a habit. We'll see if it sticks! :)

Singin' in the Rain

My local theater featured this and, not only was it beautiful on the big screen, it was even better than I had remembered it from previous viewings. I've decided it's my favorite musical on movie.

Seven Brides For Seven Brothers

Another classic musical, but unlike Singin' in the Rain, I found the music to usually distract, rather than complement, the story. But it's entertaining all the same. :)

Spider-Man 2002

This is my favorite discovery of March 2017. I'll admit that the special effects are really lacking, but it's fifteen years older than the current Marvel franchise, so we can cut it some slack in that regard.

But really, it is awesome in so many respects. It doesn't stoop to the over-the-top action and killing sequences of current Marvel movies and Peter Parker is a very solid role model. "Forget the flying monster guy" and this movie is really good. (bonus points if you caught that reference)

Maybe when I finish the trilogy I'll write a new post about the many merits of Tobey MaGuire's Spider-Man.

Beauty and the Beast(2017)

This was the most anticipated movie of, like, my whole life-- I had been waiting for two years.  You can read my review here, but bottom line: it was very beautiful and very well done in a number of ways, just not quiite the perfect film extravaganza I'd looked forward to. :/

Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones

Waay better than I expected. Once you get past the rather poorly constructed plot and how ridiculous Yoda looked while lightsaber-dueling, it was pretty good. Padme and Anakin are really sweet and Obi-Wan is a great character, especially played by Ewan McGregor.

Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith

So many mixed feelings. It was epic and big and emotionally powerful, but Anakin's development didn't flow like I'd expected it to in the directions cited by Attack of the Clones. I liked the Emperor's story, though. I'll never see Darth Vader the same again.


Which movies did you watch in March? Do you love Spider-Man 2002 as much as I do?


  1. I love singing in the rain!!! Such a good movie :)

    1. Right?! It's perfect on so many levels and I love it. :)

  2. Love Singin' in the Rain!!! Haven't seen any of the other movies. I really want to look Beauty and the Beast. :)

    1. Same! :D

      You should! I thiiink you would like it considering you like Cinderella. :)

  3. I rewatched Singin in the Rain recently (saw it for the first time like 10 years ago). It's fun, but it just doesn't really "click" with me. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is an old fav; I could skip some of the singing, but some of it is perfect and hilarious.

    Most of my March movies were rather disappointing, but my first April movie, the old Parent Trap, was a win. We watched it twice and decided it was one we need to own.

    I think I've only seen parts of the 2002 Spider-Man trilogy and perhaps most or much of the second. Toby McGuire's mannerisms drove me nuts. I'm an Amazing Spiderman girl, and I wasn't disappointed it wasn't going to be continued, but I think the new one looks good, its such a different take to me that it doesn't compete, I can like both.

    1. I see. This was my fourth time watching it(if you count the time I was four and the time I fell asleep), and it certainly didn't click with me either at first. Plus I think there's really something about seeing it in theaters with an audience to appreciate it with you. But Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is, as you said, often perfect and hilarious!

      That's too bad. :/ You know, I've never seen The Parent Trap. I should try it!

      Really? I haven't seen The Amazing Spiderman movies, but from what I've heard, I prefer Tobey Maguire for his humility and earnestness. But I think I'll like Andrew Garfield's Spiderman when I watch the movies. Yess, the new one looks so good!! Did you watch the trailers?

    2. Yeah, I looked both of them up right after you posted about watching them. I always forget to look up trailers if I don't think about it. Because of thinking of that I decided to look up Thor: Ragnarok. Um, was that a joke? I couldn't believe that was a real trailer. Someone compared it to Guardians of the Galaxy; I thought that movie was idiotic.

    3. Yeah, I wasn't super impressed with the Thor: Ragnarok trailer either. Glad I wasn't completely weird and alone in that. xD

      And Guardians of the Galaxy(either movie) doesn't interest me too much... But Spider-Man is exciting! ;)

  4. Singin' in the Rain is my favorite movie!!!

    1. Isn't it the best? :) Who's your favorite character?

    2. I think I have to go with Cosmo Brown. :)
      What about you?

    3. Good choice. :)

      Mmmph, that's a tough one...let's say Kathy. Or Don Lockwood, I can't decide. xD


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