Monday, May 1, 2017

Cinematic Excursions~ April

April was a good movie month. I watched more movies than I usually would in a month, so this could be a long post. Sorry. ;)

Captain America: The Winter Soldier 

This movie is gooood. I had decided that The First Avenger was my favorite, but I'm rethinking that after watching this again. I don't like Black Widow too much and sometimes the action can be over-the-top or over-frequent, but otherwise I have few complaints.

Finding Dory

I wanted to like this and there were a few good moments, but eventually it just got a little...ridiculous. I mean, the truck scene=whaat. I don't remember their being quite so many far-fetched elements in Finding Nemo, but I could be remembering incorrectly.

Then again, this is a story about talking sea creatures. I should have expected it to be ridiculous. xD


Shirley Temple is adorable and the movie is adorable, but also untrue to the book which annoys me. The alterations were just weird. Conclusion: read the book.

North and South(2004)

This is a miniseries, so maybe it shouldn't be here? Oh well. I did like this one. A lot. Margaret was not my favorite-- she was unlike the book's character and not as good. But Mr. Thornton was fantastic. I've decided that Richard Armitage is one of my favorite actors.

And as historically unacceptable as the train scene probably is, I thought it was much more conclusive and satisfactory than the book's ending and it made me very happy. :)

Captain America: The First Avenger

Like I said, it's not my favorite Captain America movie anymore, but it's still excellent. I love pre-serum Steve Rogers almost more than Captain America. (I'm discovering I really like underdog superheroes...) And the Marvel Cinematic Universe could benefit from more morally solid heroes like Steve Rogers. 

Oh! I remembered one thing I don't like about the Captain America movies: they can't stick with a girlfriend. I'm kind of frustrated they went through the whole *Spoilers* Peggy tension only to end that and introduce Black Widow(please no) as a new maybe romantic interest and then abruptly chop that off to bring in Sharon(please yes). So while none of them are really in relationships with him(except Sharon?) we get dragged through the whole does-Captain-America-have-a-girlfriend-routine every movie. Stoppp. *End of Spoilers* 

Mission Impossible

best scene

The plot lost me at points, but overall I enjoyed it. And the characters weren't very dynamic, but I guess all the plot-twists sort of made up for that. The music is spot-on. xD

 I'm in the process of re-watching it and hopefully understanding it better.

Hidden Figures

I want those clothes.

Even as a re-watch, Hidden Figures holds up. It was beautiful, humorous, and, as my friend said, it made me "feel all the feels".

I'm fumbling to produce something I didn't like. There were arguably some feminist undertones I didn't really appreciate, but it offered a more positive, forward-looking perspective on issues like racism and sexism than I was originally expecting.

Spider-Man 2

Peter Parker is one of the best fictional characters. He struggles with real life problems(circumstantial and internal) but he's very morally grounded and kind and he's a superhero who saves lives on a daily basis.

In some respects, Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 are my favorite Marvel movies because they balance character growth with plot so well.

I just don't know what to think about MJ. ;)

Did you watch any good movies in April? Who is your favorite superhero? 


  1. I have seen Finding Dory and North and South, which are very good movies. Haven't seen any of the other movies.

    I actually have no favorite superhero. That is maybe because I don't watch superhero movies.

    I have watched a lot of good movies in April. Too much to name all. :) Maybe I will make a list of the movies I have seen in April. Who knows?

    1. North and South is very good. :)

      Oh, you need to try one!! You might like Captain America: The First Avenger because it takes place in WWII, which I think is a good setting for a movie. You might also like Spider-Man(2002) because it's less superhero-y and it's really sweet. :D

      You should! I like reading these sorts of posts.

  2. My sisters don't like Margaret in the book. I think I can relate to her maybe? I preferred the book version also; in the movie she appears like a flirt. She's terribly acted as well, and has this inane expression and is constantly watching Thornton. I've read the book three times and love it more each time. The movie cannot get the complexities.

    Spiderman (Andrew Garfield version) and Thor are my favorite superheroes.

    1. Yeah, I could kind of relate to book Margaret! But yeah, movie Margaret just isn't as good...

      Nice. :) I like Thor too. What do you think about Tom Holland's Spiderman?

  3. I think he will be an interesting take, one of my sisters pointed out that he is really the first to actually look and act like a highschooler. He is definitely a kid, so not crushworthy (which is how I prefer my superheroes) and also not exactly the manly hero type, but I think he will be good from the previews I've seen (that is if one can ignore the ridiculous part he played in Captain America: Civil War).

    1. Yes! He's *much* closer to highschooler age than either Tobey or Andrew were, which I like because actors playing characters much younger than themselves is a pet peeve of mine. xD

      So what didn't you like about his role in Civil War?

  4. I have seen CA:TWS and Heidi. For Heidi, I certainly agree; Read the book!! :)

    Last month I saw quite a few movies too! Not as many as you, but more than usual.

    My favorite super hero is Wonder Woman. Or Cat Woman. :D

    1. Yay, another fan of the book! I kind of grew up with it, so it's all nostalgic and happy. :)

      Nice! That's always a good thing, no? ;)

      Ah, are you looking forward to the Wonder Woman movie in June?

    2. Yes! I loved the book! <3

      Yeah! And I finally got around to getting a book to write down all the new movies I've seen.

      I have seen the trailer, it looked a little bit war-y (I know that's not a word. :) ) But my mom is going, so I probably will too. What about you?

    3. That's nice...I also have a physical movie to-watch list. :)

      It does...I'm hoping the story or character development isn't overwhelmed with action scenes, but we'll see! I'm planning to go! Maybe not on opening not, but sometime eventually. xD

  5. NORTH AND SOUTH IS THE BEST THING EVER. ooh and hidden figures was so inspirational!!! I loved how it was historical, but modern at the same time. Does that make any sense?? Haha... lovely post anyway!!! :)

    1. YES YES. Yeah, I think that makes sense. :)

      Thank you!


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