Saturday, June 3, 2017

*cough* month-of-May challenges and updates

Sooo. Last month I posted a list of goals I wanted to attain for that month. But that was before I realized how busy I would be with visitors, starting a new job, and getting sick the last few days in May. Sooo, long story short, I didn't get all my goals. I'm still glad I made them though because I was probably more productive than I would have been otherwise.

So here's my plan. I'm going to extend those goals to the month of June and hope that June I can get them all done.

As to other life updates...

-I started a "real job"(piano teaching doesn't really count) which I'm sure will prove to be a positive--even if not a terribly fun-- experience.

-I started reading the Marvel Spider-Man comics and now I feel super nerdy. ^.^

-My siblings and I caught tadpoles in a very small pond near our house and we are planning to raise them. I'm much more excited about it than I should be. xD

-As aforementioned, I got sick and spent the whole time 1). sleeping, 2). drinking Apple Cider Vinegar, orange juice, etc. , 3). on the internet, 4). watching The Empire Strikes Back.

Although I feel much better at the moment, my voice is shot, so it feels good to write and communicate to whomever may be reading this without sounding like a whispering toad.

-I babysat and the Silly Songs with Larry the kids were listening to were one of the best parts. xD

-I found and enjoyed this video a lot. Watch it.

-I helped with a three-day logic class for 9-13 year olds and had a lot of fun.

-We had sunshine and rain, so I was happy.

What have you guys been doing with your summer? 


  1. Mmm so what is your new job? So secretive...
    What I'm doing this summer is going to summer school. 😣

    1. So secretive, yes. ;) I got a job in accounting at the offices of the local school district. Not super exciting, but a good first job.

      Ahh, fun. ^.^

  2. Oh, my sisters and I are watching all the Star Wars movies, we just finished that one.

  3. Which of your goals for May did you ge done?

    Good Luck with all you want to do in June and have a fun summer!

    1. Well I got some of the little ones done, like starting "All of Me" on the piano, but I also *mostly* accomplished other goals like not using the internet after 9:30.

      Thank you, you too! :)


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