Saturday, September 30, 2017

Another Internet Break(And Why I Bother To Tell You)

I'm going to take a break from the internet again. It's been way too distracting to my school and hobbies.

I'll be off October and November, excepting one day a week when I'll  try to be as productive as possible. xD (There should be an acronym for that. How about APAP?) And of course I'll still check emails and get on for a few other exceptions.

Hopefully I can still stay on top of blogging with only weekly internet visits. I guess I'll find out!

what I'll be doing with my new time

Why do I bother to post every time I take an internet break? It's partly to notify you but it's really because I need the accountability. If I publicly say I'm going to get off the internet and then don't that's much worse than breaking a resolve I only made for myself. It's become a joke to announce internet fasts as if just for the attention and respect taking such a fast commands. Well, in may case it's the opposite. My incredible tendency to be distracted by the internet does not request your respect! So thanks for reading this and being an unwitting participant in the accountability I need.

Have a lovely fall, everyone!

Have you taken internet breaks? Do you have plans for this fall?  


  1. Good for you, my friend! May your Scripture reading be fruitful and your family time be fun.

    "Incredible tendency to be distracted by the internet"--amen, sister! I've taken a couple internet breaks before but I should probably do another soon. It really does free up my time and increases my attention span by a scary amount.

    Plans for the fall include trying to get more sleep (which means...surprise!...less procrastinating), watching the next season of Stranger Things which comes out this month, and getting outside for walks in the crisp autumn air.

    1. Thanks!

      Definitely! I even think I tend to feel happier when I'm on an internet break. You should join the fun!

      Hahaha, sleep(or lack thereof) and procrastination are killers. Seriously. Ahh, that's exciting. TV shows is an excellent plan. And yay for autumn air!

      By the way, don't be scandalized. Monday is the day I'm taking a break...from the break. :P


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